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Listen, Learn, Lead

June 15, 2020

Listen, Learn, Lead
by Anthony Giagnacovo

Being a leader requires introspection, improvement, and innovation. 

Pre-COVID-19, we witnessed many automotive dealers thrive in a world where they focused on the customer experience. They harnessed the glow of a captivating showroom and backed it up by hiring friendly, knowledgeable, and personable people who excelled at interpersonal skills, convincing customers to buy.

Since the onslaught of the coronavirus crisis, we have witnessed a fundamental shift in the automotive experience. Today, there is a clear delineation between leaders and laggards. The leaders have shifted to the needs of the market and customers, recognizing that the phone has become the cornerstone to connect, communicate and conduct commerce.

What used to work in the pre-COVID-19 world may no longer work in this new normal of physical and social distancing and mask wearing due to the concern of transmitting the virus. CallRevu, at its core, is a customer insight business dedicated to automotive. We do not do generic, we only do specific...automotive.


We constantly listen with our advanced technology to customer interactions so we can learn what the key predictors are of customers' needs, desires, and outcomes so that we can lead our dealers to optimize the customer experience and increase their sales and customer satisfaction. 

This same approach works for dealers when leading their people and improving their experience. They listen to their team members and customers to learn, and ultimately, they lead new conversations with customers that are delivered in entirely new ways.

Today in our new norm, the phone conversation needs to be much more investigative to tease out the specific needs of the customer, since the tactile experience of the showroom is not always a desired option. Words matter and communication skills are imperative to achieve positive customer outcomes.

If you want to listen or learn, feel free to take advantage of CallRevu’s webinars and knowledge base, or simply contact us so we can help you lead in your area.


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