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ServiceVision Pro AI Powered

is Here Insights for

Fixed Ops calls

CallRevu alerts, analyzes and advises.

Callrevu utilizes cutting-edge machine learning and AI technology to deliver a seamless, robust solution to managing their phones, all while helping staff members to reach their highest potential.

Prevent lost sales with our DealSaver® alerts. CallRevu’s deal saving alerts immediately notify you when a call goes unanswered, into voicemail, or a promise is broken. Leveraging our call alerts and phone health alerts ensures customer satisfaction is high and deals are won. The quicker you respond the happier they’ll be.

Our call reporting delivers the metrics and analysis you need to eliminate any blind spots that impact revenue. We provide dashboard reporting with call analytics, including call history, summaries and transcriptions, and voice sentiment. Plus, our marketing reports captures how effective your digital advertising campaigns are to create website conversion and inbound calls.

CallRevu’s platform not only gives you complete visibility into your phones, but it also proactively helps your team leverage that data into a better experience for your customers.

Identify how customers connect with your dealership

Implementing a communications intelligence system doesn’t have to be complicated or rigid. With CallRevu, we understand not every dealership market is same, which is why we’ve designed our call management platform to be flexible. Our solution offers call tracking packages that support all call volumes and budgets. We work with your team to configure a call monitoring solution that best fits your dealership business operation needs. From marketing to sales to service, we’ve got you covered.


Identify how your customers connect with your dealership.


Connect and amplify your Sales Calls with data and reporting.


Create higher retention through Fixed Ops.

Call Monitoring

Provides insight to critical phone metrics that affect profit potential.

Immediate deal saving alerts

Stay connected with your customers in real-time
Live call tracker - CallRevu

Get real-time data analysis

Actionable Intelligence

Get informed and become more proactive in how you engage with your customer calls.

Remove the blind spots.

Get real-time data analysis, immediate call alerts, and actionable intelligence to get informed and become more proactive in how you engage with your customer calls. With CallRevu you will stay connected with your customers, be informed on every call and ensure you are driving customer retention and loyalty one call at a time.

You're automatically going to see these gaps that you never even knew existed, you are going to get real-time information that will assist you in working with and training your sales associates, as well as working with your managers.

Chad MartinPresident at Martin Auto Group

You get those alerts within 20 minutes, directly to my team's cell phones, so they can actively save a deal before that customer makes a commitment to go to another showroom. It's been a tremendous help for both new & used cars.

Bill BolanderCOO at Jerry's Auto Group

CallRevu identifies inconsistencies in the process, and allows us to get the customer the right information at the right time. You know right away if something has been mishandled and you can jump on it right away and take care of the customer.

Richard BustilloGM at Brickell Luxury Motors

The minute you think you got your phones figured out or you're doing really well in your phone process, CallRevu has a great way of showcasing and identifying - no we still need work. We had a lot of phone calls coming in, we didn't know how well they were getting handled, and didn't have the time to listen to the recorded calls.

Steve LindsayVP at Lindsay Automotive