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Who We Are

CallRevu is the industry leader in automotive call monitoring solutions, powered by Communication Intelligence. Born in a dealership in 2008, CallRevu understands the unique challenges facing the automotive industry.

CallRevu’s comprehensive solution uses over 15 years of automotive specific call data to cultivate a powerful customer experience which help dealers rise above the competition and close more deals.

Our platform empowers the automotive industry to take control of their calls, providing the necessary tools to track, listen, summarize, alert, and report on call performance. CallRevu also provides science-backed training to ensure businesses can provide only the best in customer service.

Why Us

CallRevu empowers your team to maximize the revenue stream from your most important channel, the phones. Your advertising dollars work hard to generate opportunities, which most often come in the form a phone call. Without proper handling, those calls can be the deciding factor between your dealership and the next one.
Managers are busy and have huge demands on their time. CallRevu understands that this leaves little time to devote to reviewing calls, so we do that for you.
With 24 automotive-specific data points collected on every call, you have full visibility into the situation. CallRevu provides full transparency into the call-handling processes to enable you to elevate the customer experience and fully address you customer’s pain points. With CallRevu, frustrated hang-ups become a thing of the past.

We also support you beyond call monitoring. Our robust reporting and easy-to-use training resources allow you to identify shortcomings in your phone-handling processes and correct it using our science-backed training methods.

  • Monitor all inbound and outbound calls
  • Track staff performance
  • Access instant deal-saving alerts and notifications
  • Detail call reporting for full insights into every call

The only call intelligence system born in a dealership, we know exactly what matters to you and your customers. Our call monitoring service helps dealers across North America consistently convert callers into happy customers, maximizing revenue today, and referrals for tomorrow.

CallRevu is committed to:


Being bold, unafraid, and courageous in everything we do.


Brining new, industry-leading ideas to market.


Growth in new relationships, new capabilities, and new markets.


A partnership that is collegial, collaborative, and always focused on win-win.


Integrity shown by doing the right thing, being accountable, and delivering as promised.