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With Training, Set More Appointments, Save Deals, Build Rapport, Improve Customer Experience

With the right training and support, even the newest phone-handler can convert calls to customers.




All clients receive free access to our collection of trainings, webinars, and assessments to help your dealership convert more calls to customers.

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CallRevu University

These self-paced videos average 3-minutes each and include:

  • Specialized Training by Departments like: Sales, Service, Parts and Reception
  • Courses driven by data and industry trends derived from listening to over 100 million calls
  • Online university assessments to test your understanding by utilizing real call examples

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Live Webinars

CallRevu’s phone training experts cover a mastery of phone skills. Live webinars are available and ready for whenever you are.

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CallRevu's real-time alerts, call monitoring with transcriptions, and phone skills training help us bring our operations to the next level by keeping our focus on the customer and ensuring every opportunity to start a relationship is captured.
Jeremy Snawder
Martin Management Group
The reps and trainers are absolutely fantastic! It’s car people working with car people. We can’t afford not to. You have processes for everything else, you better have the phones covered.
richard bustillo
Richard Bustillo
Brickell Luxury Motors
We used to go through calls one by one and it was very time consuming. We can now do in seconds what was taking hours every day before. All the guys utilize the web-based training.
dan shelley
Dan Shelley
Morgan Auto Group

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