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CallRevu and Marcom Announce Partnership for Automotive Dealers

January 9, 2020

CallRevu, leader in automotive conversation intelligence and Marcom, leader in phone performance and accountability, announce new partnership to better dealer processes and bottom line.

CallRevu, the leader in automotive conversation intelligence featuring call data, tracking, and monitoring for dealers, and Marcom Technologies, the leader in phone performance and accountability, have joined forces to
provide a complete phone performance solution.

Chuck McGraw, Marcom Chief Executive Officer, and David O’Brien, Marcom President, recognize that the best dealership results come from combining top companies. They believe that utilizing CallRevu’s monitoring to connect more calls to the right people, along with Marcom’s training and accountability capabilities, would enable dealers to elevate their phone skills performance.

The initial recognition from McGraw and O’Brien was amplified when a common customer encouraged the two organizations to work together as partners with an integrated approach versus being two vendors servicing
the same dealership group. CallRevu and Marcom learned that their visions were the same, customers are the core of the companies’ cultures and thus made it very easy for alignment when partnering.

This new partnership enables dealerships to...

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