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by CallRevu

CallRevu, a leader in automotive communication technology, proudly continues to captivate the industry’s attention following its presentation at this year’s NADA Expo.

Demonstrating a pioneering spirit and a commitment to innovation, CallRevu unveiled an advanced prototype that significantly elevates the standards of intelligent communications in the automotive sector. This groundbreaking development not only represents a significant leap forward but also heralds a new era in how automotive businesses engage with technology. In an exclusive showcase of what the future of intelligent communications looks like, CallRevu rolled out a prototype that is more than just a step ahead — it’s a whole new game.

Aside from featuring the latest in the CallRevu solution – providing real-time, actionable insights into every aspect of a dealership’s operations, from sales and service to the overarching brand reputation management they debuted the AI Appointment Challenge. This wasn’t just any tech demo, dealers and vendors were invited to step into the booth with CallRevu’s AI trainer, vying to secure an appointment in a simulated environment that was as challenging as it was enlightening. While not everyone closed the deal, the real prize was the immediate feedback participants received. It’s this kind of instant loop that’s invaluable in fine-tuning sales techniques.

As one participant put it, the challenge offered a moment of revelation: “I realized I was rushing to try and close and need to slow down.” This kind of insight is precisely what makes CallRevu’s approach stand out.

In a move that further solidifies their position as leaders in technological innovation, CallRevu announced two groundbreaking partnerships at the expo. The first, with Zoom Video Communications, Inc., unlocking even more opportunity for seamless communication, and the second partnership, an integration with Orbee, promises to bring even more sophistication to CallRevu’s already robust analytics.
These partnerships are a cornerstone of the CallRevu Center of Excellence, a hub of technology and collaboration that underscores the company’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. By choosing to be tech-agnostic, CallRevu isn’t just embracing the latest tech and players; they’re ensuring that the technology they integrate is of the highest quality, with proven applicability and scalability.

Ben Chodor, CEO at CallRevu shared, “At CallRevu, we believe in the power of connection — with our clients, their customers, and the best technological solutions in the market. Our Center of Excellence is more than a concept; it’s a commitment to excellence and a promise to deliver solutions that are not just innovative, but also effective and tailored to the unique challenges our clients face.”

For those eager to learn more about how CallRevu is driving the future of intelligent communications, or to experience the kind of insights that can transform your approach to sales, service and brand reputation management, visit