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The best call-tracking providers go beyond the basics and provide employee performance insights.

by Seth Parker

Most dealers know the importance of a quality call-tracking solution and the value it provides in understanding call activity. But there are some not-so-obvious ways that it can benefit your dealership – here are three hidden benefits of call tracking to consider.

Optimize staffing
Ensuring proper staffing levels to field customer calls is critical and helps ensure a good customer experience and reduces the risk of missed opportunities. On the other hand, over-staffing presents its own challenges and can affect your bottom line. What to do? Call tracking solutions can help you optimize staffing by providing insights on call activity by the hour of the day, day of the week, and day of the month. Use these insights to ensure you have the right number of people working at the right times.

Full view of customer call history
Have you ever dealt with a dispute between a customer and an agent? Ever wished you could verify call history data in your CRM? Call tracking solutions that enable you to view long-term customer call history can help. Let’s face it, maintaining accurate data in your CRM can be challenging, especially when it comes to call-history. Using a call tracking solution enables you to go back to the source and can provide a more complete picture of a customer’s call activity. When combined with powerful conversational intelligence insights, you’ll be able to quickly understand the interactions between a customer and your dealership without having to listen to hours of call recordings. This context will come in handy when you have to resolve disputes between customers and agents.

Drive staff performance improvements
Most call-tracking solutions provide reporting on call activity at the dealership or dealer group level, which is important. But when it comes time to drive performance improvements, you need more than high-level reporting. The best call-tracking providers go beyond the basics and provide employee performance insights. Would it be valuable to know which employees are setting the most appointments on calls, or which are doing the worst at gathering customer contact information? With the right call-tracking solution, you can! Look for providers that give you the deepest insights into employee performance including appointment setting, contact info capture, inbound and outbound call activity, average call duration, and more.

CallRevu’s powerful call-tracking solutions can help you realize these benefits and more with our industry-leading reporting and call insights. Talk to our Sales team today to schedule a demo and hear how we can help you get MORE from the phones.

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