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With Black Friday rapidly approaching, we want to make sure dealers are prepared. By now, we know you are focused on beating last year’s Black Friday sales and some of you might even have to work on Thanksgiving to make sure you don’t miss any leads coming in for Black Friday appointments!

Here are a few tips you can use to sell more cars this Black Friday and to make sure you are spending time with your loved ones on Thanksgiving.

1. Easily Find Your Hottest Leads

One of the best ways to maximize Black Friday sales is to target and find your hottest active leads via your CallRevu portal. Make sure you look back at least 3 months to follow up with prospects as not everyone buys right away.

Managers should look into their store’s incoming calls and make sure the calls have been added into their CRM and are actively being followed up with.

Client Tip: We can do this for you! Ask us about our CRM integrations.

2. Include All Information in the CRM

Dealers should make sure that the clients’ email addresses are added to their CRM so that they can send out Black Friday Sale email blasts from now until the day of (Friday, 11/29/2019).

Client Tip: Check the customer information provided in the call summaries in your CallRevu portal and your text/email alerts. We collect up to 28 data points in each call!

3. Take Advantage of CallRevu

Don’t forget! We can set up specific tracking numbers for any holiday advertising for you to add directly to your campaigns. Our deal-saving alerts help guarantee that you won’t miss out on any opportunities AND they monitor how successful your campaign is by tracking the specific number in your Ad Source tab in the CallRevu portal.

Client Tip: Let us do the work for you! To take ad tracking to the next level, ask us about our DNI product.

Following these steps will help ensure a successful Black Friday weekend for your dealership and will help you surpass your Black Friday weekend and November overall goals. These tips don’t have to be limited to just Black Friday, use them for all the upcoming holidays as well!

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