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By now, I am sure you agree call monitoring (we will define this as human summarization of specific calls to your business) is of great value. If you get a statistically significant percentage of your calls summarized, the ROI can be big. Gaining vision into who is handling your calls, how they are being handled, and which calls create appointments and/or create leads in your CRM is key.

by Chip King

The addition of having your service calls included in your measurement brings even greater value. You will get 20 calls to your service department for every 1 to your sales department. These calls will either help you retain each customer or contribute to a loss of retention.

Monitoring both sales and service will allow you specific training opportunities as well, not to mention the huge value of getting alert notifications of any calls gone wrong to your first responders to correct the situation before the customer moves on to the competition.

So, is call monitoring a key part of sound business management? Sure is!

But there is more, much more ..

Truly measuring what the results are of every call to your dealership(s) takes your action planning to a whole new level

  • What percentage of your callers to each department were unable to reach their intended target
  • How many callers hung up while they were on hold?
  • How many are transferred to a voicemail with no warning and hang up?
  • Does your phone tree or IVR (interactive voice response) cause your callers unnecessary time or success?
  • Are your voicemails all set up to help each caller communicate effectively with your team?
  • Is your reception process friendly and effective every time?
  • What are your peak hours for call volume each day?
  • Are you staffed effectively to manage the spikes?
  • How many callers each day call to get a status update from service (the dreaded “is my car ready” call)?

The dealer body has made great movement toward focusing on the impact of the phone and the impact is powerful. Dealers are taking the steps to improve the customer experience on the phone. Let’s keep that going.

If you have come this far, be among the first to understand the impact of the whole phone channel on your market share and profitability. Your “Caller’s Journey” is the number one communication channel you have with your customers, be sure you have the vision you need to make a difference.

Your customers tell you every day what you need to know to grow your business all you need to do is listen.

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