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Convert More Calls
to Car Buyers

How it works
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Receive Instant Tips to Jump-start Call Performance and Improve Your Results

Real-Time Analysis

CallRevu’s specifically engineered AI listens to every call to assess call handling performance and provide insights to improve.
  • "26% of your calls aren't reaching the intended person. Does your team have the correct call-forwarding playbook?"
  • "Increase appointment set rates by 15% to achieve 'Best of the Best' dealer performance."
  • "32% of calls are going to voicemail between 12pm-1pm. Stagger lunch breaks according to peak call times."

Alerts Help Fix Phones

Phone health alerts identifies the issues and provides the insights to resolve.
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Get actionable tips to help you convert more calls to car buyers.

Deal-Saving Instant Alerts

Start getting instant deal-saving alerts sent via text and/or email when a call is mishandled so you can reconnect before it's too late. CallRevu's typical client experiences $20,000 in additional monthly gross profit with our instant alerts.

Phone Health Alerts

Our Phone Health algorithm measures a dealership's phone lines and call activity to quickly identify changes that negatively impact a customer's ability to connect with a dealership.

Set More Appointments

We know you want to sell more cars, and to do so, you need more appointments. CallRevu gives you the tools to ensure your staff is focused on that goal.

Employee Score Card

Gain visibility into individual employee’s phone calls. Quickly learn the corrective action on missed opportunities with integrated training videos on each phone skill.

In-Depth Training

- Online university for learn-at-your-pace training
- Live weekly webinars
- On-site training

CallRevu Drives Results


Average additional monthly profit with our instant deal-saving alerts.

Sync CallRevu with your Most Important Tool... Your CRM

We get it...your dealership runs on its CRM. That's why CallRevu has partnered with the top CRMs in the industry. For the first time ever, you'll get full visibility into how your team is utilizing your CRM by seeing the number of calls made, how many customers were invited to your store, the appointment set rate, and more.

A Seamless Sync

A Better Integration

Seamless integration of CallRevu phone call data, including call summaries, into CRM so follow-up happens faster and you sell more cars

One Login Matters

Have your salespeople focus on selling cars, not learning systems. Access CallRevu's data from your CRM using one login.

Instant Alerts for Missing Info

What good is a CRM without customer data? CallRevu instantly alerts you to opportunities where contact info was not collected on the call.

More Information to your CRM

CallRevu gives you insight into 24 separate data points - providing a wealth of information on each contact - all directly in your CRM.

True Sales Calls

Because your time is valuable, CallRevu sends only the calls you want to your CRM, like true sales opportunities where price or availability of a car is discussed.

Visibility into ROI

Close the loop by connecting phone calls to revenue generated in the sales and service departments

"Within eight months of using CallRevu, our appointment rate increased by almost 20 percent and is continuing to rise."

Aaron Spicer, GM, Sheehy Infiniti

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Here's How We'll Help You Improve Your Call Connectivity

Our transcribers listen to 20 million calls a year and are automotive-trained so you receive a clear and action-packed transcription of all important phone calls made to your dealership.
CallRevu is the only call-tracking solution in the market that transcribes the entire call, from beginning to end, so you don't miss important information.
CallRevu's proactive team members coach you on how to improve your phone processes by reviewing your dealership’s data as often as required so you can focus on what matters.
Utilize the Action Dashboard to focus on 6 key call metrics that help you improve your phone processes in just 10 minutes a day.
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