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Convert More Calls
to Car Buyers

Your customer phone calls are everything, and we make those calls better.

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How it works

Improve Your Digital and Voice Communications for Greater Conversion

Real-Time Call Analysis

CallRevu listens to every call to your dealership for you, providing call summaries and actionable insights on call-handling performance.
  • "26% of your calls aren't reaching the intended person. Does your team have the correct call-forwarding playbook?"
  • "Increase appointment set rates by 15% to achieve 'Best of the Best' dealer performance."
  • "32% of calls are going to voicemail between 12pm-1pm. Stagger lunch breaks according to peak call times."

Personalized Action Plan

With the data collected, we provide personalized action plans so you can continue to improve the phone performance of your team.
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Get actionable tips to help you convert more calls to car buyers.

Deal-Saving Instant Alerts

Start getting instant deal-saving alerts sent via text and/or email when a call is mishandled to reconnect before it's too late. CallRevu's typical client experiences $20,000 in additional monthly gross profit with our instant alerts.

Phone Health Alerts

No longer worry why your phones aren't ringing with our industry-first alerts as we monitor your phone line connectivity 24/7. We quickly identify changes in phone lines that affect a customer's ability to connect with a dealership and alert you via text and/or email.

Set More Appointments

We know you want to sell more cars, and to do so, you need more appointments. CallRevu gives you the tools to ensure your staff is focused on that goal.

Employee Report Card

Gain visibility into individual employee’s phone calls. Quickly learn the corrective action on missed opportunities with integrated training videos on each phone skill.

In-Depth Training

  • 24/7 Support Team
  • Designated Customer Success Manager
  • Online university for learn-at-your-pace training
  • Live weekly webinars for all departments
  • On-site training available 

CallRevu Drives Results


Average additional monthly profit with our instant deal-saving alerts.

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"Within eight months of using CallRevu, our appointment rate increased by almost 20 percent and is continuing to rise."

Aaron Spicer, GM, Sheehy Infiniti

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