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CallRevu Connects You

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Reach more customers by getting instant visibility into calls that don't connect.

Example Phone Plan

  • 6% of calls aren't reaching intended receiver. Decrease percentage of calls that do not connect to the dealership.
  • Increase appointment set rates by 15% to achieve "Best of the Best" dealer performance.
  • More calls are going to voicemail between 12pm-1pm. Staff employees and lunch breaks according to peak call times.

Custom Phone Plan

CallRevu's performance experts analyze your dealership's current phone process, collect data, and deliver a custom phone plan designed for your dealership.
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Most call tracking solutions only provide data about your under-performance, but CallRevu provides deep insights and actionable plans that help you fix the phones.

Deal-Saving Instant Alerts

Start getting instant deal-saving alerts sent via text and/or email when a call is mishandled so you can reconnect before it's too late. CallRevu's typical client experiences $20,000 in additional monthly gross profit with our instant alerts.
Mobile Deal Saving Alert
Phone Health Alerts

Phone Health Alerts

Phone Health algorithm measures a dealership's phone lines and call activity to quickly identify changes that negatively impact a customer's ability to connect with a dealership.

Set More Appointments

CallRevu gives you dynamic employee report cards to keep your staff focused and train the right people at the right time to hit monthly sales goals.

Employee Report Card

Gain visibility into individual employee’s phone call conversations and quickly take corrective action on missed opportunities with integrated training videos on each under-performing phone skill.
Employee Report Card

In-Depth Training Program

- Integrated Learning Management System
- Live weekly webinars
- On-site training

CallRevu Drives Results

CallRevu improves the average dealership's call connectivity by 38%!

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See the difference a dealership-focused call management solution makes.

Get Connected

Connect more calls that provide transparency. Transparency matters when one call can secure a customer for life.

Get Ahead

Stay one-step ahead of competitors, a downturn in the economy, and increase profitability goals by fixing the phones.
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