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by CallRevu


Enhancing Hosted Phone Systems with AI  

A hosted phone system can unleash new sales strengths and streamline processes—but not just any hosted phone system will do. When pairing a third-party internet-based phone service such as a hosted VoIP with the power of artificial intelligence, a company or dealership may achieve higher levels of sales and marketing successes, data analytics, and unified communications strategies. This approach is gaining traction, with Bain reporting that around 40% of companies have adopted generative AI into their sales processes. Here’s a bit more about why:  

A hosted phone system relieves businesses of many of the burdens of more traditional telephony services, including on-site management and storage of devices and limited call management capabilities. As such, it improves productivity and process automation, ranging from call routing and forwarding at its simplest to data collection and trend identification, as well as consumer habit analytics and increased security.  

AI as a Sales Support System  

Using AI further enhances these benefits. The US Chamber of Commerce: notes that AI technologies enable businesses to automate processes and achieve high-level communication goals. AI supports sales teams by automating repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on engaging with customers and understanding their needs. Additionally, AI helps uncover new leads and close deals faster. 

In various industries, AI’s advantages are particularly significant in sales and marketing. Bain highlights that AI can assist with research implementation, automated proposal creation, and personalized content generation. AI can analyze vast amounts of unstructured customer data, providing sales teams with valuable insights that would be labor-intensive to gather manually. McKinsey & Co. agrees, highlighting how AI-powered analytics can drive granular personalization and better understand innovation opportunities. 

Amplifying Call Analytics with AI

The power of call analytics, too, is multiplied in effect when hosted phone systems are paired with AI technology. The US Chamber of Commerce explains that small and mid-sized businesses can learn from every conversation using AI-based analytics and intelligence tools. Companies can review call and message data to identify trends and customer sentiments, enhancing their responsiveness to market needs.

For auto dealerships, this means sales teams can react to market trends on a hyper-local level while understanding individual consumer needs. AI can support various touchpoints beyond the phone, facilitating seamless communication across different platforms. 

By integrating AI with hosted phone systems, businesses can unlock new levels of efficiency, insight, and customer engagement, ultimately driving greater sales and marketing success.