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Emergency Alerts for Your Phone Lines

Industry-First Phone Health Alerts measure a dealership's phone lines and call activity to quickly identify changes that negatively impact a customer’s ability to connect with a dealership or successfully conduct business.

The Phone Health Alerts will be sent to a designated person, triggering one time during a seven-day period unless the issue escalates. Default thresholds were created for Watch, Warning, and Emergency alerts, but dealers can also customize the threshold for all three alerts.

Ongoing or escalated phone health issues on the system will automatically trigger an Emergency alert that notifies dealership decision-makers that a major phone problem exists.

Learn More About Phone Health Alerts:

Phone Health Alert Types



Call Volume Drop
Identify significant drop in call volume on phone lines

Abandoned Call Increase
Identify significant increases in calls that don't connect
appt set icon
Personnel Appointments Set Decrease
Identify significant drops in appointments set by dealership personnel
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Dealership Appointments Set Decrease
Identify significant drops in appointments set by the whole department

Alert Closure Decrease
Identifies significant drops in opportunity alert closure.

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