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Call Monitoring

Increase the number of calls connecting to your store, do better once they do connect, set more appointments, and sell more cars.


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Never Miss a Call

Instant Deal-Saving Alerts

Within 30 minutes of call-end, receive a text and/or email alert for any missed opportunities with a summary of the call that took place and up to 30 data points for you to get in touch with the customer before it's too late.


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Coach Employees

Employee Report card

Gain visibility into individual employee's phone call conversations for coaching. Employees are able to watch training videos for each topic that needs improvement. 


24/7 Automated Phone Line Alerts

Phone Health Alerts

We monitor your phone lines 24/7 to check for any issues that may arise that prevents a customer from doing business with you. We'll alert you to call volume drops, abandoned call increases, appointment decreases, and CRM integration failures.

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Drill Down into Phone Metrics

Actionable Reporting

CallRevu's unique system allows you to drill down into critical phone metrics that affect your dealership's sales and service profits.


What we like to brag about

Choosing a call monitoring partner can be a hard choice, so we want to make it easier for you.


Call Connectivity

Dive into connected and unconnected calls, and get a dedicated resolution team.


CallVision DNI

Dynamic Number Platform with full digital and social marketing performance tracking.


24/7 Monitoring

24/7 automated call volume monitoring with connection and volume decrease alerts.


Outbound C2C

CRM outbound click-to-call performance with best day and time to call analytics by user.


Phone Skills Performance

Real-time phone skills performance dashboard with scorecard for phone-handlers.


Post - Sale Satisfaction

Alerts sent for any customer satisfaction issues that may arise after the sale.

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Data-Led Call Summaries

Summaries delivered with up to 28 customer and vehicle data points integrated into CRM.

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Staffing Optimization

Know when your phones are ringing, so you can staff the right people at the right time.


"When you're able to show your people what they sound like on a phone call, they get it. The easiest thing is CallRevu takes the responsibility off of us. When you have a product you're using, the responsibility isn't on you, it's on them, and they can coach you along the way? It's worth it every day of the week."

Jeremy Garavel
GM, Garavel Subaru


Give Yourself a High-Five!

Why? Because you're about to seriously level-up your phone skills.