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CallRevu Offers Unique Opportunity to Boost New-Car Sales In A Remote Market

September 23, 2020

CallRevu Offers Unique Opportunity to Boost New-Car Sales In A Remote Market

by Anthony Giagnacovo


Automakers love prime and above customers. Good credit and steady payments make this consumer group a sought-after target. In recent years, this set of customers has not been active in the new-car market. New data from Experian shows that this trend has shifted.

In recent years, prime and above customers have taken to seeking affordable automotive options, leaving a gap in the new-car market. Automotive manufacturers have sought to change this by adopting aggressive marketing tactics. Due to these efforts, Q2 2020 saw a giant jump resulting in 75% of new-vehicle loans originating from this desirable consumer base. Experian reports this enormous increase is up 72% from the same period last year.

As a dealer, you have an opportunity to take advantage of the expanded interest in the new-car market. But, how can you go beyond your traditional advertising and marketing methods to ensure you get in front of this highly sought-after audience? The answer lies in your phone calls.

With remote sales currently dominating the market, this can present quite the conundrum for dealerships. To help bridge the gap, dealers are turning to their phones to develop customer relationships and drive sales, making the role of the phone call more important than ever. CallRevu helps identify and alert you to opportunities, eliminate dropped calls, and provide reporting to help you take advantage of this boost in new-car sales.

In fact, one store group using CallRevu experienced tremendous growth in recent months. The retailer experienced the following:

  • 1,239 appointment opportunity call notifications
  • 41% appointment rate in July
  • 47% in appointment rate in August
  • 74 additional appointments


This resulted in a calculated ROI of $37,170 in additional profit! The increase can be directly tied to enhanced call monitoring, appropriate routing, and opportunity alerts from CallRevu.

CallRevu provides the support dealerships need to be successful in a time where the majority of sales are not taking place in the showroom. With so many more leads coming via phone and sales agents working remote, it is essential that dealers are taking full advantage of these opportunities. Overall, CallRevu has witnessed improved retailer performance, along with growing CSI scores, since being able to connect the score to the call.

Let CallRevu help you take advantage of the uptick in new-car sales. Want to learn more?


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