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4 Ways to Humanize the Customer Experience on the Phones

The rigid dichotomy that once separated humans and machines is beginning to vanish before our very eyes. The lines really...

3 Tips to Boost Your Black Friday Sales

With Black Friday rapidly approaching, we want to make sure dealers are prepared. By now, we know you are focused on beating...

7 Tips to Turn Sales Appointments into Closed Deals

7 Tips to Turn Sales Calls into Customer Appointments

The Power of Artificial Intelligence is About Augmenting NOT Replacing

7 Steps to Take Before Every Sales Call

3 Ways to Train Your Dealership MVPs on the Phones

Why Click-to-Call is a Flawed Metric

3 Tips to Increase Organic Website Traffic

Are Your Phone Lines Hacker-Proof?

CallRevu Appoints VP of Customer Success

3 Danger Signs Your Phones are Letting you Down

I often meet with auto dealers of all sizes across the U.S., and what I’ve seen is that very few realize how many...

2 Strategies to Bump Up Service Business

2 Strategies to Bump Up Service Business

7 KPIs to Connect with Every Caller

7 KPIs to Connect with Every Caller  

How to Maximize Your Digital Ad Spend

How to Maximize Your Digital Ad Spend  

CallRevu and VinSolutions Integration

CallRevu Announces Integration with VinSolutions Connect CRM

How Call Tracking Could Save Your Dealership in Economic Downturn

In the hyper-competitive world of selling cars, utilizing every tool and technology at your disposal can be the difference...

3 Things Customers Want From a Car Dealership and 3 They Don't

For those potential customers seeking to find a car dealership to do business with, there are many factors to consider....

5 Phone Sales Tips your Team Needs Now

While the internet, mobile browsing, and social media have undoubtedly transformed the car sales scene, this doesn't mean that...

How to Sell Over the Phone without Sounding Sales-y

Most consumers seek the path of least resistance. This means those who call you have likely already sought their answer...

How to Sell More Cars with Better Customer Service Phone Skills

Call-handlers provide auto dealerships with multiple benefits. They increase car sales, resolve complaints, and move customers...

CallRevu Announces the Addition of DNI Technology to the Product Suite

New CallRevu Dynamic Numbers

Automotive Software Company Launches New Customer-Focused Website

Newly Redesigned CallRevu Website 

What Call Data Can Show You About Your Sales Team's Phone Skills

Even experienced salespeople may not have the best phone skills. The magic they perform in person may not directly translate...

CallRevu Releases Industry-First Phone Health System with Alerts

Announcing Industry-First Phone Health System with Alerts!

Tenured CEO Joins CallRevu

We’re pleased to announce that we have appointed Anthony Giagnacovo as CallRevu’s new CEO. Anthony’s appointment is a...

5 Things that Lead to More Car Sales and a Better Customer Experience

You can't have a great customer experience without the person on the other end of the phone delivering it to you. Here are the...

Introducing Our New Logo

We are proud to announce the launch of our new company logo as part of the ongoing evolution of CallRevu’s brand!

What Call Data Tells us About Best Practices in Automotive Dealerships

Reviewing calls is less about volume and more about filtering and focusing on the calls that are most important. That’s what...

CallRevu's Ultimate Hero Guide for NADA 10

As you get ready to head out to San Francisco for the NADA 2019 next month, here are a few of our pointers to help you...

C$I : Every Story Starts With a Phone Call

Think for a painful moment if you will, of your most recent customer satisfaction issue that grew to social media or impacted...
in CSI

The Difference Between Call Monitoring and Caller's Journey

A word from our founder, Chip King:By now, I am sure you agree call monitoring (we will define this as human summarization of...

3 Ways to Improve Customer Experience By Giving What They Want

Is your dealership following these 3 best practices? Phone performance and customer satisfaction improves when dealers are...

CX Candy Land: Happy Halloween!

Tonight, you'll inevitably be asked the quintessential Halloween question: “trick or treat?” You’ll likely cross paths with...

Customer Experience: 80s Throw Back...Today’s Comeback

The concept of customer experience began to advance in the mid-80s as interest in consumer protection and complaint handling...

Celebrate Customer Experience Day 2018!

Customer Experience Day Is Here Great customer experience extends far beyond one day, it’s a marathon, not a sprint and...

Infographic: 10 Ways to Run a Successful BDC

What are you doing to provide world class customer service?

5 Steps to Creating a VIP Customer Experience at Your Dealership

Little efforts made by an employee and a dealership can make a consumer feel like they are a true VIP.

3 Tips to Improve the Female Car Buyers' Customer Experience

Did you know that 85% of women would rather have a root canal than buy a car? Seems odd when you consider that women influence...

5 Ways to Empower the Receptionist to Improve Employee Engagement

If you are a salesperson or manager at an automotive dealership, do yourself a favor. Walk over to your receptionist and ask...

10 Best Practices to Nail the First 10 Seconds of Every Call

You may not give the first 10 seconds of your phone call very much thought!

3 Ways to Improve Customer Experience in Your Dealership

Aligning People and Processes Around Phone Performance The ability to create value for customers will differentiate you in a...

10 Best Practices to Nail the First 10 Seconds of Every Call!

You may not give the first 10 seconds of your phone call very much thought! You barely have the chance to introduce yourself,...

How Auto Dealers Can Increase Customer Engagement in 5 Minutes

Does Google Say You’re Closed? This Dealer Best Practice Takes 5 Minutes and Can Increase Customer Engagement by 5% If a...

Call Analytics Support 2018 Edmunds Loyalty Report

We hear customers calling about buying a car and sure enough, they then go to the dealership and buy a car. CallRevu call...

Appreciate Your Employees on Employee Appreciation Day

For more than two decades, companies have embraced the unofficial holiday of "Employee Appreciation Day", paying tribute to...

The Super Bowl of Phone Best Practices

While you were enjoying beer and wings watching the Eagles dethrone Tom Brady last night, CallRevu was busy analyzing call...

How to ‘Rev’ Up Your Customer Experience

All companies, regardless of industry, strive to provide great customer service. But in the automotive industry, where car...

Why the Customer Experience Matters in Your Dealership

Almost everyone nowadays has a car. In fact, many people are surrounded by several different car dealerships all promoting the...
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