Infographic: 3 Ways to Improve Customer Experience By Giving Customers What They Want

November 9, 2018

Is your dealership following these 3 best practices?

Phone performance and customer satisfaction improves when dealers are supporting their people and improving their processes! Make sure your caller's customer experience is as friction-free as possible.

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CX Candy Land: Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2018

Tonight, you'll inevitably be asked the quintessential Halloween question: “trick or treat?” You’ll likely cross paths with witches, goblins, and other characters dressed up prepared to avoid pretzel bags and eat Reese’s Cups consecutively until their stomachs hurt.

The Customer Experience team at CallRevu couldn’t resist adding a little flair to your holiday and decided to cruise around an iconic board game favorite, Candy Land, to check out the characters all dressed up for Halloween and their connection to the Caller Experience. We found a few similarities and some best practices to share along the way.

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Customer Experience: 80s Throw Back...Today’s Comeback

October 23, 2018

The concept of customer experience began to advance in the mid-80s as interest in consumer protection and complaint handling were on the rise. Customer Service landed on the media’s radar when the White House Office of Consumer Affairs commissioned a study and showed that when customers complained and were satisfied, they became more loyal. Corporate American began to drive strong customer service because the study proved that it kept customers, who would have otherwise switched brands. Shortly after, the Coca-Cola Company sponsored two additional studies which resulted in today’s well-known lessons:

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Celebrate Customer Experience Day 2018!

October 2, 2018

Customer Experience Day Is Here

Great customer experience extends far beyond one day, it’s a marathon, not a sprint and CallRevu is committed to our customers and their success for the long haul. Still, today, we take the time to recognize Customer Experience Day and celebrate by shouting out some of our favorite best practices for providing a terrific phone experience for your callers.

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Infographic: 10 Ways to Run a Successful BDC

September 21, 2018

What are you doing to provide world class customer service?

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Infographic: 5 Steps to Creating a VIP Customer Experience at Your Dealership

September 20, 2018

Little efforts made by an employee and a dealership can make a consumer feel like they are a true VIP.

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Infographic: 5 Ways to Empower the Receptionist to Improve Employee Engagement

September 19, 2018

If you are a salesperson or manager at an automotive dealership, do yourself a favor. Walk over to your receptionist and ask how they are doing and how their day is going. Engage with them. Connect with them. Empower them.

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Infographic Explains the 10 Best Practices to Nail the First 10 Seconds of Every Call!

July 17, 2018

You may not give the first 10 seconds of your phone call very much thought!

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10 Best Practices to Nail the First 10 Seconds of Every Call!

June 7, 2018

You may not give the first 10 seconds of your phone call very much thought!

You barely have the chance to introduce yourself, so how important can it be?

As heard in our montage of call greetings below, the first 10 seconds of a call may not seem significant, but it can make a BIG difference in the perceptions your customers have of your dealership.


Not convinced? Consider this: Research shows that people form a first impression in under 7 seconds. Additionally, in our tech-controlled world, our attention spans have been reduced to only 8 seconds. So those first 10 seconds of the call are, in fact, especially important in establishing the tone of the call, creating a positive impression and capturing the attention of callers.

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NADA 2018: The Importance of Creating a Dealership Without Walls

March 27, 2018

CallRevu wrapped up a great NADA 2018 with both clients and 3rd party vendors alike. Thank you all!

As loud as CallRevu advocates for the callers’ experience, NADA was buzzing on the backs of our great dealer-partner, Brian Benstock, who is out to disrupt the market before Silicon Valley beats him to it. As the traditional car buying model fades, the key for dealers is creating something new inside of something old. Brian explained the importance of creating a dealership without walls that cater to the consumer.

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