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CallRevu's Deal-Saving Instant Alerts

CallRevu's deal-saving instant alerts are the perfect way to improve the customer's journey and correct a missed opportunity, before it's too late.

Alerts are sent to you via text and/or email with a summary of the call, up to 30 data points, and a click-to-call the customer back on an average of 30-minutes from call-end.


Competitive Advantages

Choosing a call monitoring partner can be a hard choice, so we want to make it easier for you. Here's what we do better than anyone:


Call Connectivity Dash

Dive into your connected and not connected calls and get a dedicated resolution success team


Phone Skills Performance Dash

Real-time phone skills performance dashboard by user


Post-Sale Satisfaction Alerts

Alerts sent for any customer satisfaction issues that may arise after the sale.

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Data-Led Call Summaries

Call summaries are delivered with 28 additional customer and vehicle data points integrated into CRM

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Staffing Optimization Dash

Learn when your phones are ringing so you can staff the right people at the right time.


CallVision DNI

Dynamic Number platform with full digital and social marketing performance tracking

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Outbound Click-to-Call

CRM outbound click-to-call performance with best day and time to call analytics by user


24/7 Monitoring

24/7 automated call volume monitoring with connection and volume decrease alerts

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Check out the video to see how our alerts help dealerships like Ganley Bedford Imports save 28 deals a month...


We drive actionable insights for dealerships to improve their digital and voice communications for greater conversion of lead to appointment.

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Call Monitoring

Convert more calls into car buyers to improve your bottom line.


CRM Integration

Sync CallRevu with your most important tool...your CRM.

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Deal-Saving Instant Alerts

Missed opportunity alerts sent to cell and/or email before it's too late.


CallVision DNI

Maximize the results of your digital advertising spend. 


Phone Health Alerts

We monitor your phone lines 24/7 so you can sleep well.


Phone Skills Training

Online University and webinars so you can earn at your own pace.


Convert More Calls to Appointments That Show.

Already have a provider? You can do a side by side with your current provider to see how much more valuable CallRevu is.

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