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"I have been doing this for 24 years,
it is the most effective retention tool,
the most effective guerrilla marketing tool,
that anybody could ever ha
We saved 28 deals our first month."

Major Harrison III, General Sales Manager
Ganley Bedford Imports

"It really opened up the eyes of my managers. Now, we are able to pinpoint what we are not doing well with and make it better. When CallRevu showed me an ROI of 670%, I knew right away that I had to do another campaign.”

Jeremy Eisenberg, General Manager
Ganley Bedford Imports
America's Top Performing
Call Management Solution
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The Industry Leader

In Phone-Related Business Intelligence

Customer's Voice is The Industry Leader In Phone-Related Business Intelligence

CallRevu is the pioneer of call monitoring technology for the automotive industry.  Today, they are the only full service call management provider that monitors and collects data from 100% of variable and fixed operations calls.

CUSTOMER’S VOICE ™, CallRevu’s quarterly Call Performance Report aggregates the data from thousands of dealerships and over 2 million sales, service and administrative calls to give the industry a rolling snapshot of how customer relationships are being managed.

The depth of data in this report combined with it’s insights on how top performers are turning challenges into competitive advantages has made Customer’s VOICE ™ the trusted data source for the worlds largest automotive, social media and online advertising companies.


Subscribe to THE CUSTOMER’S VOICE quarterly call performance report to see how your dealership’s numbers compare.


Total Dealership Solution

Master the Phones In All Profit Centers

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Dial in Sales

Before partnering with CallRevu, Spitzer Automotive Group was losing 30% of their calls. Once CallRevu was brought in, that number dropped to 11% overnight.

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Dial in Service

Find out how CallRevu helped Germain Motor Company double their amount of appointments and convert 56% of opportunities into sales.

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Dial in CSI

Year over year appointment rates are up 26% because CallRevu helps DePaula reengage with customers within 20 minutes when an opportunity has been missed.

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CallRevu Outbound Dial Services Recover Lost Opportunities

Our call center will work with you to create a custom outbound calling campaign for your dealership to save deals and improve customer retention. 

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