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CallRevu's Interactive Text Alerts, sent within minutes of call end, allow your management team to do their jobs, while our team listens. When your dealership mishandles a call, CallRevu notifies key managers with enough time to fix it. With CallRevu’s text message alerts and mobile site accessible by any smartphone, dealers can respond to missed revenue opportunities from anywhere.New_Alert.png 

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Dial in Sales

With the help of CallRevu, Ganley VW turned the OEM emissions crisis into the dealership's best month ever.

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Dial in Service

Find out how CallRevu helped Germain Motor Company double their amount of appointments and convert 56% of opportunities into sales.

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Dial in CSI

Year over year appointment rates are up 26% because CallRevu helps DePaula reengage with customers within 20 minutes when an opportunity has been missed.

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CallRevu is an approved GM iMR turnkey product for auto dealer call monitoring.

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