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VinSolution Connect CRM Certified Integration with CallRevu

With the seamless, certified integration between CallRevu and  VinSolutions Connect CRM, you can monitor your team's calls without ever leaving the VinSolutions CRM portal.
Learn more about the integration to see how CallRevu helps you:
  • Measure and improve outbound call volume
  • Boost your call quality
  • Schedule more—and more effective—sales appointments 

Read the Press Release Here

Learn More About the Integration:

A Seamless Sync with VinSolutions Connect CRM

A Better Integration

Seamless integration of CallRevu phone call data, including call summaries, into VinSolutions. Follow-up happens faster, and you sell more cars!

One Login Matters

Have your salespeople focus on selling cars, not learning systems. Access CallRevu's data from VinSolutions using only one login.

Instant Alerts for Missing Info

What good is a CRM without customer data? CallRevu instantly alerts you to opportunities where contact info was not collected on the call.

More Information to your CRM

CallRevu gives you insight into many data points providing a wealth of information on each contact, all directly in the VinSolutions portal.


Because your time is valuable, CallRevu's data will show you which team members are doing great and which need more training on their phone calls.

Visibility into ROI

Close the loop by connecting phone calls to revenue generated in the sales and service departments.

“CallRevu provides us with the realities of how we are handling our customers. What’s more valuable than the data is the support that the staff continue to provide year after year. Everyone at CallRevu is just as dedicated to the service of our customers as we are.”

Steve Germain, Germain Auto Group