CallRevu is Performance Management

The best technologies and the best call centers cannot generate change or create customer happiness. CallRevu360 is a collection of technology, call centers, and performance coaches that rely on in-dealership experience to put our dealers’ data to use. CallRevu measures every aspect of our dealer’s caller experience from the moment the caller “decides” to call to the moment the call concludes.


It’s never too late to create joy. Some of the best customer relationships are founded after a disservice. CallRevu listens to tens of millions of calls every year and there is no more impactful call than the call back to the customer addressing a missed opportunity or customer service issue. The power of “sorry” is undeniable.

  • Leader in call alerting to auto dealers with alert options by type and department
  • Receive alerts in 30 minutes or less via text and/or email
  • Alerts include all information obtained on the call, including a click-to-call customer back

Every call deserves a return call and only CallRevu alerts calls in accordance with our dealers’ priorities.

Action Dash

Imagine having every phone call at your fingertips like you do emails and texts. CallRevu360 is exactly that, only you are using the data in your phone calls rather than emails. CallRevu dealers can review and search every call they make and take.

  • In 10 minutes a day, address calls that were missed and ensure that they have been called back
  • Every opportunity is either converted successfully or reengaged to ensure they were properly served

How about customer contact information? Did we earn the right to further interact with our customers? CallRevu360 addresses these questions and it does so in near real-time; in time for our dealers to create positive customer experiences.

Data Driven Coaching

For the first time ever, Dealership staff is able to access every call they make and take, scored. Only CallRevu360 scores every call and does so cost effectively. This ensures fair and balanced metrics that employees buy into. Address specific skill areas so each employee can focus on their particular needs. This saves time and increases skill retention. The result? Improved customer conversion and retention.

Free to anyone:

  • Coaching videos
  • Instructor-led webinars included that address specific skill areas