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CallRevu works with virtually every US auto manufacturer in some capacity to help them Fix the Phones. Great data is at the center of all of CallRevu’s OEM services. Phone Mystery Shopping is being displaced by the speed and low cost of speech-to-text, powered CallRevu RealShops. CallRevu’s Fix the Phones Program helps manufacturers lift inbound phone appointment set rates from the industry average 40% to over 60% in just 4 months.  

In the spirit of Youtility, CallRevu’s Fix the Phones Workshop Series, free to OEMs and their dealers, trains dealers and BDC agents to provide the best phone experience for customers first and appointments second. Whatever initiative your company has, like lease retention, vehicle upgrades, recalls, or wholesale parts sales, CallRevu has data driven solutions for the phone element of your campaign.  


CallRevu searches specific phone scenarios in the speech-to-text records on tens of millions of phone calls to dealers to conduct mystery shops. Using actual phone calls rather than mystery shopping is more accurate, lower cost, nonintrusive to dealers and conducted in a fraction of the time.



This program is a phone process improvement and skills training solution that uses data from actual phone calls to your dealers to provide specific training and coaching for each agent handling inbound phone calls.


Phone Training & Communication Solutions

CallRevu will measure your customers phone experience and benchmark each department’s phone performance. Your dealers will learn the best practices specific to their needs. Each of your dealers’ agents will receive their individual scorecards and receive live training that addresses their particular skills needs.