Meet Your Leads Where They Are with Texting

Want to set more appointments and sell more cars? Start with a solid lead follow-up process. 

Half of your customers prefer to text. Most appointments are set on the follow-up outbound phone call. 65% of those outbound call efforts are placed to a cell phone and nearly 20% are responded to with a text. Is your dealership missing communication from your customers?

Don’t miss opportunities to engage customers with multiple communication channels, like texting, for just $199 a month.


Outbound Texting is Essential to Sales Success

  • Text responses from customers are delivered to the dealer, opening up the opportunity to convert more follow-up calls into appointments
  • Double your conversion rate from 20% to 40% by allowing dealers to communicate via texting- ultimately increasing sales
  • Self Transcription - Listen to audio files of inbound and outbound calls and transcribe or set appointments.
  • Not enough time or staff for outbound calling? We have a solution for that too.


  • Outbound call tracking to the appointment set
  • Text visibility and response tools to double success rate
  • Team Dashboard with live actionable data
  • Agent Dashboard with goals, actual results, and training content
  • Easy API Suite
  • Integration with leading CRMs

Don’t miss opportunities to engage customers with multiple communication channels. Go beyond just tracking the calls your team makes.

We can help you create more opportunities for your team to connect with texting for just $199 a month!