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Call Monitoring, Transcriptions, and Summaries


Call Monitoring of Phone Opportunities in Real-Time

Your phone call recordings tell you what it's like to call your dealership, but even if you listen to every call, your phone process can lack the ability to respond to phone opportunities as they happen. React in real-time to missed opportunities before your customer moves on to your competition.

As the industry standard in dealership call monitoring, our process is designed specifically for auto dealers and our transcribers are experts in recognizing opportunities on the phones in sales and service. With CallRevu call monitoring, every call to your dealership is reviewed and delivered with up to 24 separate data points via alerts and reports so you can react to every opportunity.

Have Confidence That You Are Making the Most of Every Phone Opportunity

  • Your Calls: Automotive-trained humans listen to all calls from beginning to end and send a summary with up to 24 data points. Based on the contents of the call and your dealership's criteria, missed opportunity alerts are sent to the right people via text and/or email within minutes of call-end
  • Your Dashboard: Watch today’s calls as they come in so you can react to every opportunity in every profit center, before it's too late
  • Your Performance Reports: Key performance reports include Ad Sources, Employee Performance, and Staffing and Department Reviews. All reports are easily viewable via the CallRevu Dashboard
  • Your Dedicated Performance Managers: Proactive team members with in-dealership experience meet with management teams as often as needed to review short term and long term metrics for the purpose of performance and process improvement. Our industry veterans coach dealers on how to fix the phones

Data Provided in Transcriptions



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CallRevu is an approved GM iMR turnkey product for auto dealer call monitoring.

GM iMR Approved.