Tracking outbound phone dials is a common practice in many BDCs today. CallRevu outbound call tracking with texting and monitoring helps to increase the customer experience by drawing attention away from the quantity of calls being made to the quality of engagements your team is having. CallRevu outbound call reporting is available at the management level and the agent level so team members may hold themselves accountable. Because each call is monitored through conversion, coaching outbound calls is made easy.

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Each Outbound Call Flows Into:

• CRM, Click-to-call, PIN-based outbound dialing and direct import of Call Detail Records (CDR) from most phone systems

• Outbound call monitoring to measure contact rates, appointment setting, and overall call effectiveness

• Text-enabled numbers to capture return texts to your teams outbound dials, usually doubling contact rates

• Click-to-call APIs and CRM integration



  • Outbound call tracking to the appointment set
  • Text visibility and response tools to double success rate
  • Team Dashboard with live actionable data
  • Agent Dashboard with goals, actual results, and training content
  • Easy API Suite
  • Integration with leading CRMs