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How to Boost Car Sales with Data-Driven Call Practices

In this study, we took a sample of 2 million inbound calls to dealerships that we listened to, to provide a detailed guide into what works on the phones, and what doesn’t.
In this report, we’ll lay out our findings and give you actionable tips to:
  • Provide an excellent customer service experience
  • Connect with more callers
  • Grow your revenue


Download the Guide:

We took a sample of the 20 million calls we listen to a year and:

  • 27% resulted in an appointment
  • 32% NEVER reached an agent

That’s almost 62k missed opportunities to sell a car— nearly $124 million left on the table!

Get actionable insight into this and more with the guide!

“CallRevu provides us with the realities of how we are handling our customers. What’s more valuable than the data is the support that the staff continue to provide year after year. Everyone at CallRevu is just as dedicated to the service of our customers as we are.”

Steve Germain, Germain Auto Group