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Take Control of your Phones

...and the rest will fall into place. See why dealerships say CallRevu has single-handedly saved thousands of deals.
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Call Monitoring Solution

We are the automotive industry's pioneers in call monitoring. Born in a dealership, our call monitoring service helps dealers around the U.S. convert calls into appointments that show, ultimately improving the bottom line. We track, listen, summarize, alert, report, and coach on all phone data analytics to help dealers drive more call-to-appointment conversions.

Here's How We Improve Your Call Connectivity by 38%

Our transcribers listen to 20 million calls a year and are automotive-trained, so you receive a clear and action-packed transcription of each phone call made to your dealership.
CallRevu is the only call-tracking solution in the market that transcribes the entire call, from beginning to end, so you don't miss important information.
CallRevu's proactive team members coach you on how to improve your phone process reviewing your data, providing action plans, and online training specific to each data point captured so you can focus on scaling your dealership.
Utilize the Action Dashboard to focus on 6 key call metrics that help you improve your phone process in just 10 minutes a day

Instant Deal-Saving Alerts

Get instant alerts sent to you via text and/or email so your dealership doesn't miss a single opportunity. If a call is mishandled, you'll know within 30 minutes on average so you can save deals, improve CSI, and move the needle.

Why Dealers Love Alerts

Each alert contains critical insights like the customer's full name, vehicle information, a full transcription, the essence of the reason for the call, and the time they called.
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Each alert provides a full summary of the call from dealership experts, trained to recognize missed opportunities so you get actionable information to reach out and save a deal.
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Each alert has a click-to-call the customer back so you can instantly get in touch without having to login to the system.
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We understand each dealership is unique, that's why we give you control over what alerts matter to your business, who should receive which alerts, and how they should be delivered.

We used to go through calls one by one and it was very time consuming. We can now do in seconds what was taking hours every day before. All the guys utilize the web-based training.

Dan Shelley, Morgan Auto Group


Sync CallRevu with your Most Important Tool... Your CRM

Your dealership runs on its CRM - and we understand. That's why CallRevu has partnered with the top CRMs in the industry. For the first time ever, you'll get full visibility into how your team is utilizing your CRM by seeing the amount of calls made, how many customers were invited to your store, the appointment set rate, and more.

A Seamless Sync with Your CRM

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A Better Integration

Seamless integration of CallRevu phone call data, including call summaries, into CRM so follow up happens faster and you sell more cars.

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One Login Matters

Have your salespeople focus on selling cars, not learning systems. Access CallRevu's data from your CRM using one login.

Instant Alerts for Missing Info

What good is a CRM without customer data? CallRevu instantly alerts you to opportunities where contact info was not collected on the call.

More Information to your CRM

CallRevu gives you insight into 24 separate data points providing a wealth of information on each contact all directly in the CRM.

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True Sales Calls

Because your time is valuable, CallRevu sends only the calls you want to your CRM, like true sales opportunities where price or availability of a car is discussed.

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Visibility into ROI

Close the loop by connecting phone calls to revenue generated in the sales and service departments.

"We set 72 additional appointments in 6 months by utilizing CallRevu."

Mike Watson, Weibel Auto Group

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dni no comp

CallVision DNI

CallRevu's DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion) accurately analyzes the results of digital media marketing spend. By automatically displaying a unique call tracking number everywhere a phone number appears, CallRevu can make the connection between the source that brought the customer to dealer’s site and the call outcome. When the call is completed, call-specific details are sent to the CallRevu reporting platform and Google Analytics, giving you a detailed look into which sources lead to real sales calls, and even calls that resulted in an appointment, at an ad source or even Keyword level. 


Benefits & Features

destination (3)
Understand on a keyword level, which pay-per-click ads are most effective
Centralized reporting from multiple website and web service providers
Ability to measure incentives and promotions based on consumer activity
Detailed tracking back to individual social media campaigns
Certified with major automotive website providers
Seamless integration with Google Analytics
"Within eight months of using CallRevu, our appointment rate increased by almost 20 percent and is continuing to rise."

Aaron Spicer, GM, Sheehy Infiniti

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PHA_group how it works

Phone Health Alerts

Industry-First Phone Health Alerts measure a dealership's phone lines and call activity to quickly identify changes that negatively impact a customer’s ability to connect with a dealership or successfully conduct business.

The Phone Health Alerts will be sent to a designated person, triggering one time during a seven-day period unless the issue escalates. Default thresholds were created for Watch, Warning, and Emergency alerts, but dealers can also customize the threshold for all three alerts.


Phone Health Alert Types

Call Volume Drop
Identify significant drop in call volume on phone lines
Abandoned Call Increase
Identify significant increases in calls that don't connect
appt set icon
Personnel Appointments Set Decrease
Identify significant drops in appointments set by dealership personnel
calendar (1)
Dealership Appointments Set Decrease
Identify significant drops in appointments set by the whole department
We saved 28 deals in one month with CallRevu's alerts and are never looking back.

Major Harrison III, Ganley Bedford Imports

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All clients receive free access to our collection of trainings, webinars, and assessments to help your dealership convert more calls to customers.

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Benefits & Features

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for our weekly phone skills webinars held for Reception, Sales, Service, and Parts departments.
The CallRevu University is filled with online, learn-at-your-own-pace, videos filled with quizzes and tests after each chapter, so you can master your phone skills when you are ready to improve.
In-store phone skills training workshops with our training team to master phone skills with all of your team members.
Each individual employee will have access to rapid-learning videos, specific to each learning point that they can improve on, right from our Employee Report Card.
Without CallRevu, you are not aware of what you don't know...and what you don't know is going to hurt you.

Russ Carter, Kelly Buick GMC

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In-Depth Reporting

CallRevu's reporting capabilities are the most in-depth of any call-tracking solutions on the market. 

Report Types

CallRevu's unique system allows you to drill down into critical phone metrics that affect your dealership's sales and service profits.
Action Dashboard

The Action Dashboard, focusing on 6 data points, is designed to quickly show dealers what areas they need to focus on for the day, week, month, or any custom time frame.

Alert Activity Report

...with all missed opportunities in one place. The alert report includes the status of your alerts, summaries and recordings of the calls, click-to-call the customer back if it hasn't already been done, and much more information that'll help you close the deal.

Daily Call Opportunity Report

Quickly view all summarized calls, elevations, and alerts from the previous day in one in-depth report.

Voicemail Activity Report

Could there be a sale waiting in your team's voicemail? Use this report to view a transcript of any voicemail so you can act quickly.

The value of the transcriptions along with the simplified text alerts, so we make sure we jump on each opportunity, is why I've used CallRevu for the last 5 years.

Andrew Vislosky, Morgan Auto Group

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