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Fix the Phones

Drive phone process and skills improvement with Fix the Phones Vol. 5 Publication

Fix The Phones Vol. 5, built by CallRevu, is designed to help ensure every call to a dealership is a positive experience. CallRevu is sharing its data and best practices learned from listening to millions of phone calls to auto dealers. Learn to operate like the top performers on every step of the call; from better phone processes to the right kind of training. Make the pledge to serve your callers and receive:

  • More phone calls to your dealership
  • Conversational pointers curated from profiling dealership top phone performers
  • Best practices for receptionists, sales and service delivered with the data behind it
  • Happy customers

Download the Report:

This ebook contains everything you need to fix the phones at your dealership.
“CallRevu provides us with the realities of how we are handling our customers. What’s more valuable than the data is the support that the staff continue to provide year after year. Everyone at CallRevu is just as dedicated to the service of our customers as we are.”

Steve Germain, Germain Auto Group