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Make every contact point with your dealership a positive experience!

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Satisfying communications build better relationships and customers for life

CallRevu is a data company that has a passion for customer service. CallRevu processes every phone call between dealer and customer through its proprietary voice recognition application, elevating customer service concerns to its dedicated automotive-trained call center specialists who create action to restore customer satisfaction.

The CallRevu Difference: Customers expect real-time responses; CallRevu provides real-time solutions. We measure every caller’s journey throughout the call, catch potential missed opportunities, and provide training for improvement.

  • Experience: 100,000+ lines = Millions of call monitored, transcribed, and alerted
  • Intelligence: Accurate call data delivered to the right person at the right time
  • Automation: Deal-saving and customer service opportunity alerts delivered to you phone in 30 minutes or less

With CallRevu, the average dealer improves their appointment set rate on inbound calls from the industry average of 40% to over 60%.