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CallVision DNI Video Demo 

CallRevu's DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion) accurately analyzes the results of digital media marketing spend. By automatically displaying a unique call tracking number everywhere a phone number appears, CallRevu can make the connection between the source that brought the customer to the dealer’s site and the call outcome.

When the call is completed, call-specific details are sent to the CallRevu reporting platform and Google Analytics, giving you a detailed look into which sources lead to real sales calls, and even calls that resulted in an appointment, at an ad source or even Keyword level. 

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Watch the Video Demo:

Benefits & Features

destination (3)

Understand on a keyword level, which pay-per-click ads are most effective

Centralized reporting from multiple website and web service providers
Ability to measure incentives and promotions based on consumer activity
individual tracking
Detailed tracking back to individual social media campaigns.
Certified with major automotive website providers
Seamless integration with Google Analytics
"We saved 28 deals our first month and we are never looking back."

Major Harrison III, GSM, Ganley Bedford Imports