Leadership Team

    Chip King - Owner and Managing Partner

    Chip King: Founder and CEO

    Chip King spent his career in automotive retail from 1977 to 2008, holding every position in variable operations, including General Manager and Dealer Principal. Chip has had a special focus on the customer experience throughout his automotive experience. When Chip’s first General Manager told him that the phone on his desk would be the most important asset, he did not realize then how true that statement would be. Chip’s passion is to bring vision to what was once invisible: the phones.

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    Michael Markette - Partner and Chief Operating Officer at CallRevu

    Michael Markette: Partner and President

    Michael Markette joined CallRevu as Partner and President in June 2010 and in less than two years has helped grow CallRevu to a staff of over 250. Mike has worked in the call tracking space for over 15 years serving the Automotive, Marine, and RV industry throughout his career. Prior to CallRevu, Mike headed a software spin-off for a publicly traded software company with innovative tools that aided independent sales representatives, sales teams, and partners in acquiring and distributing sales leads.

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    Tony Gomez: Chief Operating Officer

    Tony Gomez is a 27-year veteran of the automotive industry, although his family’s roots run much deeper. Tony comes from generations of automobile dealers dating back to his great-grandfather, Walter Pritchard, who was one of the first Ford dealers in the country when he opened his store in Garner, Iowa over 100 years ago. He started his automotive career at a Toyota, Pontiac, and Mitsubishi store in Dayton, Ohio. Tony worked his way through the ranks and served the majority of his time as a General Manager with two major Midwestern Automotive Groups for 13 years. 

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    Tom Harsha - Executive Vice President

    Tom Harsha: Executive Vice President

    Tom Harsha is a 22-year veteran of the automotive industry, with extensive sales, management, and training experience. Tom has held various positions in sales, finance, and General Manager and has increased e-commerce related sales by 30% for all six stores in an automotive group. Armed with proven training techniques and processes cultivated during his 15 years of in dealership experience, Tom decided to follow his passion for training and launched a consulting firm.

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    Sandra Lee - Vice President, National Accounts at CallRevu

    Sandra Lee: Vice President of National Accounts

    Sandra Lee has over 20 years of management and senior management experience in the automotive industry. Prior to CallRevu, Sandra held positions as Centralized CSI Manager and Centralized BDC Director in automotive retail. Sandra has independently run a successful automotive consulting firm catering to large, medium, and small automotive dealerships. Highly analytical and results oriented, her career is highlighted with successful stints in automotive dealerships and consulting firms.

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    CallRevu CFO James Shepherd

    James Shepherd: Chief Financial Officer

    James Shepherd has 10 years of experience in Banking and Finance prior to joining CallRevu. Holding various positions across multiple departments during his tenure with CallRevu, Jim brings a depth of knowledge and experience that makes him a huge asset to the organization. As Chief Financial Officer, Jim manages all Human Resources, Accounting, and Administrative related functions for CallRevu and our Call Center.

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    Larry Lambdin - Director of Account Management at CallRevu

    Larry Lambdin: Director of Account Management

    Larry Lambdin has over 29 years of extensive experience in various leader leadership roles in the automotive industry. Larry worked in a dealership for 24 years, holding positions such as salesperson, Floor Manager, Sales Manager, Finance Manager, Corporate Trainer, and General Sales Manager. Larry pursued his passion in helping others, and his broad knowledge of the automotive industry, when joining the CallRevu team in 2011.

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    Holly Markel - Vice President of Marketing at CallRevu

    Holly Markel: Vice President of Customer Experience 

    Holly Markel has spent 12 years in the customer experience industry, promoting, developing, and executing service improvement strategies for organizations. She has lead sales teams, implemented national training and service development programs, managed marketing initiatives, and consulted with hundreds of companies spanning multiple industry segments on customer experience concepts. 

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    Chris Vitale - Vice President of Sales at CallRevu

    Chris Vitale: Vice President of Sales

    Chris worked in a dealership for 12 years, holding various positions of Sales Associate, Internet Sales Associate, Finance Manager, Sales Manager, Used Car Manager, General Sales Manager and General Manager. Chris is experienced with domestic and import brands, in high-line and high-volume arenas. Chris left the retail automobile business in 2012 to work in the automotive CRM space, first serving as a National Sales Director and then Vice President. 

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