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CallRevu Communication Intelligence

A powerful intelligence platform providing comprehensive insight into all communications.

Use AI to compile and analyze past and present data to develop critical insights.

CallRevu’s Communication Intelligence provides direct visibility into all inbound and outbound calls. Our advanced AI and Machine Learning technology harvests rich data points and sentiment from every single call, providing keen insight, real-time alerts, and actionable intelligence to cultivate a powerful customer experience. Communication Intelligence is an indispensable, and frictionless tool for dealers looking to increase critical sales and service revenue.




Artificial Intelligence Accuracy


Unparalleled machine accuracy in identifying departments, appointments, and end of call status.

Missed Opportunities — All Calls


Your dealership could be missing up to $30,000 for every 100 inbound calls.

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Communication Intelligence solves problems
your dealership can not overlook


Ad Source Reporting

Track the success of your advertisement spend and monetize marketing campaigns with our Ad Source reporting, all the way down to the paid search keyword!


Keyword Level Analytics & Alerts

Provides keyword-level alerts for problematic calls so you can be aware of communications that are costing you deals.


Spot and Fix Call Connection Issues

Easily spot and fix problems that are preventing your calls from connecting.


Total Visibility into all communications

All department calls are transcribed and provided to stakeholders, giving you total visibility into all inbound and outbound communications.


Robocall Prevention System

Prevent Robo-calls from jamming up your phones with our advanced Robocall prevention system.


Track and View Voicemails Anywhere

Miss a call or a voicemail? Easily track and view those details from any location.

Get the most accurate insights into your
call data from behavior to opportunity.


Convert more calls and get better insights with artificial intelligence.

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