How to Boost Your Leads Through Search

November 8, 2016

Imagine the following scenario: It’s the end the month, you’re short of your sales goals, and you’ve searched your CRM for leads with no luck. What do you do? Well, since you’re a CallRevu client, you can use the search feature!

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Sales Potential on Outbound Calls with Texting

May 31, 2016

What’s most important about outbound calling? Making the outbound calls. Outbound calling and texting go hand-in-hand. At CallRevu, we don’t think you can do one without the other.

Why Make Outbound Calls?

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How to Find Opportunities in Your Call Tracking Data

October 27, 2015

Call tracking tells us where our calls are coming from and listening to those calls tells us why people are calling. We've analyzed this data to fine tune our marketing and ensure we're providing the best possible service to our customers on the phones.

On a granular level we can find exciting nuggets of opportunity deep in this data to sell more cars and provide even better customer service. But who has time to delve that deeply into phone call data?  

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The Fastest Way to Respond to your Web Leads by Phone—We Call it Bridge-It Lead Connect

June 24, 2014

A web lead is submitted on a dealership's website and less than 60 seconds later a salesperson is talking to that potential customer on the phone. That's 0 to 60 on a live lead. No, actually faster 0 to less than 60! We call this technology Bridge-It Lead Connect...for obvious reasons: it bridges the gap between an online submission and the dealership's response time to that submission.

Now, the industry's average time for a response is ten minutes. Seems like an eternity when a dealership is ten times more likely to reach serious buyers when responding under a minute. The average connect time to the customer with Bridge-It is 36 seconds, to be more precise. That's serious speed, but that's not all. Bridge-It comes nicely equipped with complete reporting including comprehensive ROI with calls and web leads; instant notifications and lead enrichment; and lead-handling reports. That's standard. How you mod it out is up to you...

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10 Steps to Increase Profit With Call Monitoring for Auto Dealers

May 15, 2014

These are recommendations or guidelines that have proven to be successful across various dealers within our dealer body and are proven to maximize the impact and profitability of the CallRevu tools.

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4 Steps to Improving Phone Lead Appointment Set Rates

December 12, 2013

If you're hearing the phones ring at your dealership and you're not seeing the corresponding foot traffic on the showroom floor, there might be a problem on your phones.  The phone calls you generate through advertising are potential sales and we want to help you manage your phone traffic for better sales performance. 

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AM Tip of the Week: Measure Email ROI with Trackable Numbers

December 10, 2013

Organization and rapid response are key to getting more deals and providing high levels of customer service. Today, more than ever, customers are using smartphones to contact dealerships. A great benefit to dealers of that increased use is the customers’ direct tether to their email inboxes on their phones from anywhere. Dealerships who target the 5th generation customer are positioning themselves in this market through a smart use of trackable phone numbers.


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AM Tip of the Week: Discover More Car Sales with The Tracking Tab

November 6, 2013

CallRevu Dashboard Features—Your Source for Discovering and Recovering Sales Opportunities

CallRevu’s expert Account Managers (AMs) are all industry veterans with years, and wealth, of automotive experience under their belts. They have seen what works and what doesn’t, because they have proverbially walked in your shoes.  When they provide information, rest assured it is information that you can use directly and immediately to improve sales performance at your dealership.

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Rally Your Car Sales by Capitalizing on Every Phone Opportunity

September 23, 2013

We all know that a month can be a slow in the car industry. This happens for several valid reasons. Inventories are at their seasonal low and less diverse. 2014 models are being

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The Value of Alerts for Car Dealers — “Point-of-Error” Training

September 9, 2013

The cost of mishandling a call into your dealership is high. Customer tolerance is low and these days it’s never easier to move on to the next website on a smartphone or mobile device. Car shoppers measure dealers from a distance and only after a “research phase” do they actually make a phone call. Making the most of every inbound opportunity is critical. CallRevu prevents losing sales opportunities with a powerful tool all of our valued clients know well—real-time alerts. Customers expect real-time responses and enhanced customer service, and it is in this arena that CallRevu delivers—times two!

The Value of an Alert—Part One

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