Week in Auto News - Recalls, Tesla, Big Data and Social Media

April 13, 2014

Weekly Roundup for 4/5 - 4/12

In this week's news, we see a rumble in the New Jersey jungle as Tesla sues to keep selling its cars there and a glimpse of the future at the Washington Auto Show. We see why used car dealers need to stay updated in this Age of Recalls. Plus, technology and social media really can improve your business!

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Week in Auto News - Sunday Car Sales, GM Recall, BMW Electric, Apple Tech

April 5, 2014

Weekly Roundup for 3/29 - 4/4: Sales and Tech

This week we see a possible uplift of a 30 year prohibition on Sunday Car Sales. General Motors is forced to recall the Chevy Cruze. BMW is scheduled to release a new electric car in May. Apples newest software is designed to connect with cars.

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Week in Auto News - Trucks Outselling Cars & WOM Marketing for Datsun

March 30, 2014

Weekly Roundup for 3/22-3/28: Discounts, Trucks, Nissan, and Acura

This week, we see lots of changes for many car companies. Many car dealers are offering big discounts or cash backs for buying cars this March. Trucks are slowly overtaking cars as the dominant auto this year—which is a good sign for the economic recovery. Nissan India is making new marketing plans and adding more money into its marketing department. And Acura showed off its new luxury sedans in Atlanta last weekend.  Let’s take a look! 

Dealers Offer Aggressive March Discounts

Yahoo! Finance:  Many car dealers have a significant inventory that just won’t move. This month, in an effort to get cars off the lot and cycle in some newer models, prices are getting cut. Some manufacturers are playing along: Ford offers $3,000 cash back for its Focus SE Sedan. Kelley Bluebook ranks the top 10 best deals for this March, so you can scope out competitors’ pricing. 

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Week in Auto News: Top Selling Cars and Cars People Won’t Buy

March 23, 2014

Weekly Roundup 3/15 – 3/21:
Best and Worst For The Year So Far

The numbers are in!  This week, we take a look at the top best selling cars for February, and then some of the worst selling cars on the market.  Then, Tesla is trying to upend your services business model—are you ready to answer to it?  Let’s take a look at the stories!


Top Selling Cars of February 2014 takes a look back at the top ten best selling cars for February this year.  Are these seasonal favorites or market leaders just hitting their stride?  Ford hopes that this showing promises a bright future, because three of their cars made it on the list.  The F-Series takes the number one spot, while the Fusion and Escape round out number nine and ten.  Chevrolet takes number two and appears a second time with the Cruze at number ten.  And Toyota makes it in with the Camry at five and Matrix at Six.

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Week in Auto News - Cheat Sheet for Car Salespeople, Porsche's Margins, and the Tesla Ban

March 16, 2014

Weekly Roundup 3/8 – 3/17: Competitive Business Insights

We’ve seen some interesting stories in auto news come out this week! First, the Houston Chronicle publishes a cheat sheet to help people pursue a job as a car salesman. But is it accurate—and does it give you some room to outfox your competition?  Then, we find out that Volkswagen’s Porsche brand is leading the market for luxury cars.  Finally Tesla looks to fight back against New Jersey’s laws that ban it from operating in that state.  Let’s have a look!


Cheat Sheet: How to Become a Car Salesman

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Week in Auto News - Which Cars are Cool, Affordable, and Hold Value

March 9, 2014

Weekly Roundup 3/1 – 3/7: Top Cars Edition

Last week was all about electrics, hybrids and a less than epic review of the Lexus 250AWD.  This week is a list of lists, giving you something extra to say about the car the prospect is eyeing. In our first story, have a look at the cars and concepts that make waves internationally at the Geneva Car Convention. Next, Kelley Bluebook tells us which affordable cars are also the coolest. Finally, forget what you think you know about how cars depreciate their value so quickly. Honda takes top spot on a list of brands you can resell for the highest rate.

Stand-Out Cars and Concepts from World-Class Geneva Convention

Wall St. Cheat Sheet:  Manufacturers from all over the world convene this week in Geneva to show off their newest wares. But among the many cars at the show, only some were being sold in the US. And even fewer seemed to make an impression on the international audience. Among those are the Audi TT with its ‘laserlight’ option, the Mini clubman that’s become its largest-sized car, and the small Jeep Renegade that can off-road as well as its siblings.

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Week in Auto News -- The Problem With Electrics, Lexus 250AWD Reviews, Demand for Hybrids on the Rise

February 28, 2014

Weekly Roundup 2/22 – 2/28

A few stories about electric vehicles have surfaced this week.  Car dealers are disinclined to push electrics because they’re too much trouble for too little money.  And some consumers have bought in hook, line and sinker—they’re put off by low range EVs, but greedy for hybrids.  But first, Consumer Reports pans the Lexus 250AWD, and one car lover couldn’t be happier about it.

Consumer Reports: Lexus 250AWD Nothing To Write Home About

Torque News:  Consumer Reports has a reputation for focusing on pricing and value over what car enthusiasts care about.  So now that they’ve reviewed a 2014 Lexus 250AWD, they’re impressed by its power, right?  Wrong.  And this writer says that’s great news, because Lexus can focus in on the problem: their 250AWD is so weak that Consumer Reports said it was lame.  Some of the fixes that could be made include using a respectable base engine and dropping the all wheel drive for a rear wheel option.

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Week in Auto News -- Green Tech—Boon or Burden?

February 21, 2014

Weekly Roundup 2/15 – 2/21

This week, we examine the market effectiveness of green versus economical.  Kelley Blue book publishes its list of family friendly cars—and you’ll be surprised by the results!  And then Toyota produces an EV with Tesla parts, but is it confined to the state of California?  Let’s find out!

EVs and Plug-In Hybrids: Grand Slam or Total Bust?

Wards Auto: A Ford dealer dedicates a showroom to alternative fuel vehicles, turning away from Mustangs.  Which begs the question: are green cars the future or a fad?  While manufacturers seem to have no shortage of green and alternative fuel models, some communities simply don’t respond.  One marketing expert claims that green marketing is ‘a feel-good strategy’, unlikely to make buyers choose one car over another.  Instead, fuel economy and lower operating costs sell cars: “lead with the wallet, follow with the heart.”

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Week in #AutoNews - Lincoln Marketing, Anti-Tesla Legislation, Toyota's Cable-Free Charging

February 14, 2014

Weekly Roundup 2/8 – 2/14: Setbacks and Breakthrough


The second week of February saw several stories that set expectations for the future of certain brands.  Lincoln’s marketing plans are dismantled by a puzzled and frustrated commenter.  Toyota hints at a new project that could change the electrics market.  And finally, Tesla suffers at the hands of pro-dealer legislation in Ohio and Georgia.

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Auto News - Car Shares (bad), Free Teslas in Miami, Cars for Bitcoin

February 7, 2014

Auto News Weekly Roundup 2/1 – 2/7

This week we tackle some of the alternative economic factors that are affecting the car market today.  Car-sharing trends negatively impact your ability to sell new cars.  A Miami condo developer uses Tesla giveaways and tech perks to sweeten their penthouses.  And the first Land Rover is sold for Bitcoin—which was surprisingly easy!  Let’s check it out.

Car-Share Economy Eating Into New-Car Sales

The Christian Science Monitor: Car-sharing is the practice of short-term car rentals, made possible by companies like Zipcar and apps like RelayRides.  Consulting firm Alix Partners reports that thirty-two vehicle sales are lost for every one vehicle added to a car-sharing fleet.  The total cost of sales so far is estimated at around 500,000 lost new car sales.  And if this trend continues, it could mean up to 1.2 million car sales are stymied by 2021.


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