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Take Control of Your Phones: A Collaborative Approach to Your Dealer Partnerships

September 30, 2020

Take Control of Your Phones: A Collaborative Approach to Your Dealer Partnerships

Hold times, disconnects, hang-ups, and unavailable agents all lead towards something that every business hates to see… missed sales! It can be hard enough getting an interested customer to reach out to your business, so don’t lose them in this initial stage of the sales cycle. Having reliable communication with your customers, especially now during COVID, is a critical piece to your success.

Quality Collaboration Leads to Better Sales

Ever heard of two small companies called Ikea and Dreamworks? These two formed a partnership collaboration to promote a line of products allowing people to animate IKEA products. IKEA already had an established brand as an affordable furniture line and Dreamworks was well known for their animation skill and kid’s movies. Together, the two companies are using their own established customers to gain exposure for the other’s brand, while attempting to capture the attention of a new audience with their collaboration.

Your dealership can benefit from this sort of collaboration In fact, Business.com cites several benefits of strategic partnerships like this, such as enhanced opportunities to reach new audiences and added value for existing customers, among others. Choosing the right vendor can help your dealership reap new benefits and set you apart from the competition.

One Forbes article even cites that a good strategic collaboration has the potential for doubling sales almost immediately. If those benefits sound like some you’d like to take advantage of, it’s time to partner with CallRevu.

Collaborating with CallRevu

it’s time to take control of your phones and stop missing out on critical sales opportunities. CallRevu gives dealers the chance to improve their numbers by offering a better customer experience and identifying missed opportunities that occur during phone calls. In the event that significant gaps are identified, we even help you train your staff, providing the valuable support needed in a strategic collaboration.

Choosing CallRevu as a trusted partner earns you several benefits.

  1. You receive access to a product that improves how you manage your dealership’s phone calls.
  2. You get Insight into metrics that will help you provide a better customer experience.
  3. You gain a trusted partner that offers full account management support to help you provide even better customer service.

CallRevu is a valuable asset to have as a partner to your dealership. We provide the tools you need to literally gain a better connection with your customers. We bring the human element and the technology together for an impressive combo.

Your Dealership + CallRevu = Success

The CallRevu platform also offers these features to help you better manage customer calls.

  • Our technology monitors ALL calls on ALL lines, coming and going through ALL departments. No more dropped or missed calls.
  • CallRevu provides continuous Phone Health Alerts to make sure all wait times are low and customer concerns are being adequately handled.
  • Our platform integrates with your CRM so you have quick, efficient access to all the information you need.
  • CallRevu’s technology is backed by advanced machine monitoring with artificial intelligence (AI) to provide great accuracy in your call monitoring.
  • We also provide Opportunity Alerts to notify you of possible missed opportunities which are supported by customer information and transcripts so that you are fully prepared to handle a follow-up conversation.

Be informed about the customer experience at all times.

Guided by Integrity and Principle

At CallRevu, we take a principled approach to our business and yours. We value you as a customer and we deliver as promised or we make amends. CallRevu knows that you work hard at your job and we want to be the vendor you trust and the partner you deserve. In fact, our core values include being bold, innovative, growth oriented, and filled with integrity to best serve your business. Learn more about our core values and amazing leadership team here!

A collaboration with CallRevu won’t be one you regret.

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