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How Conversation Intelligence Increases Service Department Revenue

According to CallRevu, 42 percent of inbound service calls are never answered. How many of these missed calls are revenue...

Understanding Inbound Call Data and How Service Can Capitalize on Missed Opportunities

Opportunities to take care of customers when they have a concern instead of letting that concern simmer and turn into anger. When...

Growing Your Service Department, One Call At A Time

CallRevu recognizes that the average dealership monitors over 500 monthly calls going to Service alone. Being able to track and...

Analyzing the Highs and Lows of Call Data During COVID-19

One of the most obvious observations is that while we saw total national call volume tank in April, we’re seeing a steep increase...

2 Strategies to Bump Up Service Business

Parts and service is your bread and butter to pull you through slow times. But how do you get more people into your shop, so your...

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