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Making Connections

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C-Level Focus Feature: Fostering Lifelong Customers

“CallRevu will be releasing a whole new Call Analytics Engine that will be embedded into CDKs telephony platform. CDK will now be...

The Truth About Phone Calls: How to Unlock Hidden Growth Potential

Excellent customer service is a primary indicator of returning customers. In fact, Salesforce reports that “47% of customers say...

5 Things that Lead to More Car Sales and a Better Customer Experience

You can't have a great customer experience without the person on the other end of the phone delivering it to you. Here are the...

Infographic: 10 Ways to Run a Successful BDC

Customers are sophisticated, technologically armed, low on patience, and a click away from gone. Here’s what the 5th-gen...

Call Analytics Support 2018 Edmunds Loyalty Report

We hear customers calling about buying a car and sure enough, they then go to the dealership and buy a car. CallRevu call...

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