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Your Customers Are Not Calling To Purchase A Vehicle Or Set A Service Appointment, They Are Calling To Rule You Out!

After many conversations with friends and advisors, and after an average of 14 hours online doing product and price...

CallRevu Innovation - From Humble Beginnings to a Proud Future

CallRevu is proud of its heritage. We continue to focus on helping the automotive industry optimize marketing spend and...

5 Must-Haves for Selling Cars in a Pandemic

 The savviest dealers in our customer base saw consistent costs-per-conversion rates at or below the $30 level per conversion...

How CallRevu Pairs AI with Human Agents to Help you Sell More Cars

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has earned a place in every industry. The most well-known is the technology industry where...

How Call Tracking Could Save Your Dealership in Economic Downturn

In the hyper-competitive world of selling cars, utilizing every tool and technology at your disposal can be the difference...

The Difference Between Call Monitoring and Caller's Journey

By now, I am sure you agree call monitoring (we will define this as human summarization of specific calls to your business) is 

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