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Making Connections

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A Tool to Measure Your Auto Dealership's Marketing Spend

According to CallRevu, 42 percent of inbound service calls are never answered. How many of these missed calls are revenue...

A Perfect Pair, Integrating CallRevu With Your CRM

According to Deloitte, 85% of sales leaders believe integrating their phone systems with their existing productivity tools is...

Going Their Separate Ways: How NOT to Lose Your Dealer Partnerships

A true partner takes an active approach, going not just above and beyond, but deeper as well. Consider these examples as they...

Delivering More Value to Drive More Sales

Our rich heritage of automotive experts and our sole focus on the automotive industry enables us to achieve unparalleled accuracy...

Call Analytics Support 2018 Edmunds Loyalty Report

We hear customers calling about buying a car and sure enough, they then go to the dealership and buy a car. CallRevu call...

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