Maximizing Ad ROI: Call Measurement Questions to Ask

February 22, 2016

Dealers don’t spend a dollar in their business, not one, without considering the return on that dollar; long term or short term. It’s part of their every decision. maximize-ad-roi-at-auto-dealership.jpg

How many times have you been close to hitting a target that had a big return and your staff has asked for a marketing boost to help you get there?

“Boss, we need a call-to-action spot this weekend to hit the program money”. 

As a professional in the automotive industry, you understand ROI. Most dealers agree that they spend about $350 on advertising per vehicle sold, and virtually all of that budget is to make the phones ring. What are you doing when those calls come in? Are you making the most of every lead you are generating?

Did you know that if your business is average, your team is not able to answer 1 in 3 of the callers that connect and ask for sales? Did you know that half of the ones that do connect are never asked for the right to follow up with them and no contact information is gathered?

Every phone call is an opportunity to get or keep a customer. Make every call count.

If you’re spending money on advertising and not making every call count, you may have to agree to the “spend more” question. But, I think you can get a better return on your existing advertising investment by focusing on your caller’s journey. With the right call management solution in place, you can create more opportunities from the phone calls you're already generating. 

Start here to ensure you have a program and a vendor partner to help you do it. Gain confidence that you have everything you need to achieve the best possible advertising ROI. Use these questions as your guide to create a better call management solution at your dealership:

If you can’t measure it, you can’t fix it:

1.  Is every call listened to from beginning to end, by an automotive trained agent?

2.  Can you guarantee I will receive a summary of every call, with details including what department was requested and was there an appointment set?

3.  Are all tracking lines text/SMS enabled? Can I see my customer’s response to your team’s outbound calls?

4.  Will I have access to reporting that highlights all ad sources, calls, and appointments, assuring I’m not wasting my ad dollars?

5.  Can I log in and see a transcribed call in the last hour?


1 in 3 calls calling for sales go unanswered. Turn dropped, missed, and mishandled calls into opportunities:

1.  When a missed opportunity happens, are you able to receive notification via text message?

2.  Would you prefer outbound reporting or the ability to double entries into your CRM by showing every call where customer contact info wasn’t gathered via an interactive text alert


You can only improve the performance of your agents if you know the skills to focus on: 

1.  Will you have more than a simple call count to measure call data?

2.  When a missed opportunity happens, are you able to receive an alert via text message within minutes of call-end?

3.  65% of my outbound calls go to cell phones, are we able to see the text responses?

4.  How helpful is the phone skills training portal? Does it include every department?

5.  Is there a report that shows individual performance, opportunities, and specific areas to address for each agent?


Post-sale trauma calls plummets CSI if not addressed:

1.  How will you advise me of post-sale ‘trauma’ calls?

Our super star trainer, Cory Wright, recently did a study of the Super Bowl advertisers, their phone process fumbles, and its effect on ad ROI that you may find interesting. He coaches dealers on their phone skills and processes. Get this success story to learn how a dealer had their best month ever by fixing phone processes: 
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