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5 Steps to Creating a VIP Customer Experience at Your Dealership

September 20, 2018

Little efforts made by an employee and a dealership can make a consumer feel like they are a true VIP.

What comes to mind when you think of being a VIP? Special treatment at a nightclub? Someone who can get the club box seats at the playoff game? Celebrities? Athletes? What about when you feel like a VIP? When you go to your favorite restaurant, is it something about the customer experience that makes you come back? Do they address you by name? Do they ask if you want the "regular"? It doesn't take much, but these efforts will create the customer experience you are striving for.

Check out our infographic to see the ways you can create a VIP customer experience at your dealership!

Infographic - 5 Steps to Creating a VIP Customer Experience

One of the most profitable sales agent in the automotive industry is so successful because she makes each customer’s experience special. She leaves chocolates and candies with a note in the cup holder for when the car is picked up, or when the customer comes in to test drive. She calls her customers with follow-ups on how they are doing, and makes the effort to get to know each person.

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Inspiring the customer to spread the word that your dealership is the place to go is what creates customers for life.

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