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How Training Benefits Your Employees

October 27, 2020

How Training Benefits Your Employees


Want to talk training? Not many people do. Want to talk about how you can improve your bottom line and make your business a better place to work? Welp, then it’s time to talk training. While training may seem like the less glamorous side of the success story, it’s a necessary element if you want to level up your competitive strategy. And there’s more good news. Training your people has benefits for everyone on your team—staff included! This is what those look like.

Training your employees creates a better working environment

Training is a win-win if there has ever been one. Have you ever worked with someone who hates their job? They not only don’t care about the results of their work ethic (or lack thereof), but they also contribute to a toxic work environment. Even worse, that negativity has a way of spreading.

Investing in training shows your employees that you are also committed to their success. You show that you are interested in them as people, not just what they can provide. That kind of support does not go unnoticed and creates a better working environment. “By continuing to teach your employees new skills and abilities, they will not just become better workers, they will feel like more productive members of the organization,” reports Indeed.

Employee training causes less turnover

When employees are trained and feel confident in their ability to deliver quality results, they are happier in their jobs. It’s true. Training your people actually makes them more cheerful to be around and more likely to stay in their jobs.

One Entrepreneur article reported that “95% of hiring managers considered employee training as a key retention tool.” This comes straight from the mouths of those who hire. Keeping your people trained means keeping your people.

Employee training leads to more informed and confident staff

Yes, it’s true. Training employees makes them confident. You might be envisioning grumbles in response to your training program, but the truth is a trained staff feels better equipped to showcase the benefits of your business.

In fact, according to the same Entrepreneur article, 66% of participants expected training to help them become better at their job and 68% felt that training was always relevant, regardless of their level of seniority on the job. Training isn’t just for noobs. Constant reinforcement is needed to help personnel get better.

Training staff enables internal promotion

Save your HR department some time and heavy lifting. Staff who are trained internally and move up through the ranks make for easy, loyal internal promotions. If you’ve ever worked with recruiting, you know it doesn’t come cheap. Save a little HR budget and gain a committed employee by promoting a trained staff member. Plus, there’s the added bonus of knowing they’ll stick to your methods.

Training employees ensures all staff follow the same processes and procedures

It’s important to streamline your processes and procedures to ensure no one goes rogue and you can deliver on your promises. It’s just good business. Stick to the proven procedures and you’ll reap the benefits.

Employee empowerment

Guess what? When people are better at their jobs, they take the initiative. They care about the growth of the business because they are more confident in what they can deliver. They become invested in the business and they want to see it succeed.

One Gallup survey reports that “organizations that empower their employees experience 50 percent higher customer loyalty. This reduces the resources needed to retain customers, so naturally, revenues and profits are more likely to grow faster.” Empowered employees help grow your business—it’s that simple.

Training helps your employees build soft skills

While hard skills are definitely needed, the argument is often made in favor of growing soft skills. Knowing how to communicate with people and being able to problem solve can lead to greater workplace success. In fact, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner reported that soft skills is the biggest missing skills gap in the United States. If you want to be successful, build those soft skills!

You probably get the point now, but training is good for business!

Turns out training benefits your employees, but it’s also good for business. One IBM study showed that “90% of organizations do not have all the skills they need to be successful.” And according to an Inc article, studies show “that when employees are happy, they're more engaged. As a result, they're more productive, more likely to deliver high-quality results and more loyal to the company.” If you want to be more successful at what you do, training is essential!

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