Have You Seen All of the Text Messages Coming into Your Dealership?

December 4, 2015

Texting has changed the world. It’s that simple. We have become more proactive, independent, efficient, direct, and accessible. If we are running late, a simple text message to the awaiting party can save face. We have become so advanced in this new fast-paced world, that we can save hours of time a week by texting and multi-tasking, rather than having time consuming phone or face-to-face conversations, limiting our time to get our tasks done...even possibly making us more anti-social. If there is an emergency, you know immediately. If you need to respond right away, it has become socially acceptable to text in a meeting. If someone has responded to your email, send them a text and it is almost certain they will respond. We’ve come a long way from texting with our flip phones and using a number pad, the times when you were lucky if the word you wanted showed up correctly.

Have You Seen All of the Text Messages Coming into Your Dealership? |

In this day in age, we all assume that everyone with a phone sends text messages. According to, 90% of adults own a mobile phone and 98% of smartphone users open their text message within 3 minutes of receiving the message, meaning we are virtually always available via text, which might not be the case for phone calls. With the norm of communicating becoming a text, what makes the way a dealership should communicate any different?

Even though you may not have text-enabled lines, your dealership is still receiving texts. Some may be surprised considering you aren’t advertising that your number is text-enabled, but with this efficient and time saving method, your customers are texting you now...and they want to be texted back.


Some customers feel more comfortable texting than meeting in person or having a phone call, and some just don’t have the time available for anything but a text. Think of texts as the newest version of a web lead: it appeals to the customers because in seconds they can communicate without having to be online or fill out a contact form online. There are many potential situations in which your customers are texting you already. Customers are sending text to receive updates from the service department.

All too often, dealers become busy and forget to contact the customer when their car in the service lane, whether it is for an update or if the vehicle is ready for pickup. This can result in the customer calling back, or texting the service lane asking for an update. The same situation can happen in the sales departments; a customer wants more information from the dealership or a specific sales consultant regarding a vehicle of interest. Imagine how much quicker we can get the customer’s requested information without them having to call in multiple times and often reaching voicemail.

Other texts happening include texting back a missed call, because the number is unknown, or someone is in a situation where they cannot answer a phone call, texting back with “who is this?” or the automated messages like, “I can’t talk right now. What’s up?”. Oftentimes, a customer will text back any local number that is posted, assuming they will get a response. These are the texts that represent an immediate opportunity for your people to respond to an inquiry, with perfect timing and on the channel you’re most likely to reach that person. And, this brings an opportunity for you to begin a conversation on the channel the person you were trying to contact prefers.

Some of your customers are going into the unknown if your lines aren’t text-enabled; a black hole so to speak. Once you have text-enabled your tracking lines to keep these messages from going into a void, devise your strategy for texting with customers. Meet your customers where they want to be met.

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