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Focus is the Way Forward

June 15, 2020

Focus is the Way Forward
by Anthony Giagnacovo

As we all grapple with the fallout from the coronavirus crisis and the unprecedented impact it has had on almost every industry globally, we all need to envision a new way forward because there is no going back. We need to identify what is important, who is important, and how we learned from the past.

Today, past ways of thinking and previous business models are no longer effective. Focus is the cornerstone to moving forward.

Going forward, we must all learn how to connect and communicate in a new world commerce, which is increasingly being conducted partially on-line and partially via phone. Throughout this pandemic, we have seen how the phone has played an increasingly critical role in bridging the gap between the digital universe and what used to happen in-person in the showroom. As we watch call volumes increase, and in many cases exceed pre-COVID-19 numbers, it is imperative to focus on how to adapt to new ways of engaging customers to meet their needs, and put their safety concerns first, to achieve the outcome of commerce.

With this in mind, CallRevu has embraced a simple approach - FOCUS, on the automotive industry to move us forward. We invite you to dialogue with us to learn what we are doing and how we can all learn from one another.

  • Focus: We have utilized this period to analyze calls, routing, reports, and alerts to determine how we can provide our dealers with the material insights that help them correct their course to achieve better outcomes.
  • Optimize: We have looked at our internal processes, systems, and data to determine how we can do more, better. After the pandemic hit businesses had to make sacrifices and cuts to address the abrupt stop, or massive slow-down, of commerce.
  • Communicate: As we have all had to embrace a new, distributed, remote workforce, effective communication has become paramount. CallRevu has witnessed how improved communication within our entire team has permitted heightened collaboration between remote colleagues – no more running down the halls or scheduling quick impromptu meetings.
  • Understand: Both internally and externally, we have amplified our use of analytics to make information tangible, bite-sized, and actionable. Innovations, like our Action Dashboard report, are designed for dealers to commit 10 minutes a day to achieve attainable goals.
  • Scale – Now more than ever, consistency and collaboration are key to achieving scale. We believe in the power of training, information, and best practices so that we can all move forward with focus, purpose and impact. Try our online university or free weekly webinars as ways to help your team move forward with FOCUS and scale.


As experts in customer experience, caller journey, and conducting commerce, we are solely FOCUSED on automotive and providing real-world specifics not generalities. We firmly believe that the way forward for all of us is to FOCUS.

We welcome a discussion on what you are doing and how you are DRIVING YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD.


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