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Delivering More Value to Drive More Sales

May 12, 2020

Delivering More Value to Drive More Sales
by Anthony Giagnacovo

Everyone is learning how to navigate this new world where everyone is forced to do more with less. We believe this is an opportunity to think differently and do more with more. More capabilities means greater insight, great customer engagement, and greater sales outcomes.

CallRevu is proud to be an industry innovator. As the pioneers in call monitoring, we are now harnessing our vast database using AI technology to refine calls and scale the insights we glean. Our rich heritage of automotive experts and our sole focus on the automotive industry enables us to achieve unparalleled accuracy in the industry, allowing us to develop greater department categorization, more appointments, and better call status. Greater accuracy means focused energy, actionable alerts and better outcomes in the form of more sales, more service, improved customer satisfaction.

CallRevu’s reporting and analytics allows us to drill down into the data for greater diagnosis and prescriptive guidance on how to address calls, be it sales, service, or parts calls. As we have all learned during this pandemic, going back to basics is often the winning recipe, and the phone is the strategic tool of choice to connect, communicate, and close.

Our new dashboards and reporting are designed to help you focus your precious resources on the right activities. We know everyone is doing more with less, and this is exactly why we believe we need to help our customers do MORE with MORE.

Here are 5 reasons why CallRevu’s new Conversation Intelligence platform, coming in 2020, is going to help you transform the way you do business:

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  1. You want a vendor who can help provide you with specific data and visibility across all departments to see how your employees perform on the phones
  2. You want visibility into details to understand, diagnose, and act on calls received so that you can convert contacts to sales
  3. You want to address new ways of shopping to understand customer needs before they pick up the phone to call you
  4.  You want to know how each phone call goes to fix any process errors so more calls can end in sales
  5. You want to know how your agents performed on the phone, how the customer experience was, and what you can do to improve and react quickly before they go somewhere else
  6. It’s 2020 – data analytics powered by AI technology built for the Automotive Industry is the way forward 

The new Conversation Intelligence (CI) platform will provide new and actionable insights necessary to take your business to the next level. Stay tuned for more information and teasers!


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