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CallRevu Innovation - From Humble Beginnings to a Proud Future

December 16, 2020

CallRevu Innovation -- From Humble Beginnings to a Proud Future

by Anthony Giagnacovo, CallRevu CEO

In 2006, CallRevu’s founder, Chip King, was running a large Toyota dealership in Baltimore, Maryland. To help him reach more prospects and improve sales, Chip was partnering with an ad agency. He was spending more than $20,000 per month on direct mail marketing. After some investigation, it dawned on Chip that this spend was not generating additional sales for his dealership even though the ad agency could successfully link an ad with a lead. 

Chip believed there had to be a better way to promote his dealership and promptly called his ad agency to end the relationship.  At the time, the ad agency suggested he review the “call tracking” they provided to prove the campaign’s effectivenesslistening to all calls and reading through brief summary notes in an Excel spreadsheet augmented by the audio files. After many hours reviewing the logs for an entire month’s worth of calls, Chip knew he needed a way to monitor all phone communications.

From this revelation, CallRevu was born. Chip and the ad agency were convinced that real insight was derived from call tracking and monitoring. Working together, they developed the innovative CallRevu Tracking and Monitoring platform, an industry first.   They discovered how to harness the rich details embedded in the call conversation to transform the customer journey and enhance engagement, all while providing measurable ROI using the innovative CallRevu platform.

From these humble beginnings, CallRevu has made it our mission to constantly innovate and bring new insights to customers. Today, thousands of dealers rely on CallRevu to help CONNECT, COMMUNICATE and CLOSE more deals.


The Pathway to a Proud Future

CallRevu is proud of its heritage. We continue to focus on helping the automotive industry optimize marketing spend and increase sales efficiency by enabling training and improving sales skills. We do this using real actionable data, insights, and a keen understanding of communication to improve listening skills. 

CallRevu is constantly investing in innovation. We are the first with advanced solutions like CallRevu’s Phone Health Alerts (a first in the industry), and CallVision DNI (the most advanced analytics platform), all of which has been richly advanced using artificial intelligence and machine learning by using the largest automotive-specific data set. With information gathered from our advanced communication platform, we provide quality learning and a rich automotive lexicon for sharp insights.  CallRevu believes that you don’t have to pick between quality and quantity, which is exactly why its new Conversation Intelligence (CI) Platform takes all calls, all linesboth inbound and outboundto understand the entire customer journey for better business outcomes. 

CallRevu continues to be an industry leader, always developing new capabilities to allow dealers to outperform others at marketing, sales and service, which is especially critical during these challenging COVID-era times.  CallRevu’s Conversation Intelligence software can identify which department or operation needs to attend to which calls using the most advanced AI solution, along with pinpointing call sentiment and emotions behind each communication so that dealers can be alerted. This increases the opportunities for engagement with potential customers and prevents lost sales or potential impact on your CSI score. 

CallRevu is proud of its innovative and industry-first predictive and prescriptive capabilities. We help you identify issues, not just report on them.  We also help you move along the entire value chain – from measuring campaign effectiveness with your digital spend to helping drive post-sales service revenue, all of which helps dealers to continually optimize their customer relationships.   A customer that services their vehicle at your dealership is 86 times more likely to buy their cars (yes plural) from you! Keep in mind that converting new customers costs up to 25 times as much as retaining existing customers!

From humble beginnings to today, we are so proud of the bright future that lies ahead. We stand by our heritage of delivering innovation with the highest quality Conversation Intelligence software, backed by unparalleled service.  Call us to find out how we can help you survive and thrive during these challenging times.

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