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Better Communications = Better Commerce

May 22, 2020

Better Communications = Better Commerce 
by Anthony Giagnacovo


We know everyone is learning to do more with less, and we know your staff is working harder than ever.  This is not sustainable, and ultimately quality suffers during spikes in volume just when you can afford it least. Customer experience is everything when you are trying to turn each interaction into relationships and revenue, and we know the phone is the cornerstone of communications and commerce during this coronavirus crisis. 

As we see call volumes returning to pre-COVID-19 numbers, we are noticing an increased focus on the phone since driving customers to the showroom is no longer the goal. Appointment setting has become increasingly important in the era of COVID-19 since safety is paramount. We are also seeing prospect databases grow with dealers focusing on maximizing their conversations and figuring out the importance of capturing rich information, ultimately turning contacts into commerce.

Unifying your communications is the key to unlocking powerful conversation analytics. Dealers who combine ­intelligent contact center automations with marketing attributions are achieving improved outcomes with greater marketing effectiveness and efficiency. This is critical when every dollar has to be amplified in its effects.


You can trust CallRevu’s full conversation intelligence solution for faster technologies, improved customer experience, and increased appointment set rates. CallRevu is the only 100% automotive-focused conversation intelligence solution: Call Tracking, Call Monitoring, and Call Analytics platform that delivers more accurate edge detection, pattern recognition, and measurement to improve overall efficiency and quality.

Dealers benefit from:

  • Unmatched connected call measurement accuracy
  • Highest true Automotive AI technology
  • Accuracy and efficiency on the most important calls
  • Exceptional throughput capabilities — automotive specific data points per second


When you want to do more with less, give us a call to learn how CallRevu can help you bridge the digital and voice worlds to achieve better conversations, connections and commerce. 


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