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Cory Wright

Read the latest blog posts by Cory Wright, the Director of Training at CallRevu.

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5 Ways to Leverage Tech to Improve Customers’ Phone Experiences in 2020

Author: Cory Wright, Director of Training With the holidays approaching, many reflect on 2019 and how they can make 2020 an...

4 Ways to Humanize the Customer Experience on the Phones

The rigid dichotomy that once separated humans and machines is beginning to vanish before our very eyes. The lines really...

7 Tips to Turn Sales Appointments into Closed Deals

7 Tips to Turn Sales Calls into Customer Appointments

7 Steps to Take Before Every Sales Call

3 Ways to Improve Customer Experience By Giving What They Want

Is your dealership following these 3 best practices? Phone performance and customer satisfaction improves when dealers are...

Infographic: 10 Ways to Run a Successful BDC

What are you doing to provide world class customer service?

How to ‘Rev’ Up Your Customer Experience

All companies, regardless of industry, strive to provide great customer service. But in the automotive industry, where car...

Why the Customer Experience Matters in Your Dealership

Almost everyone nowadays has a car. In fact, many people are surrounded by several different car dealerships all promoting the...
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