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Anthony Giagnacovo

Anthony Giagnacovo, CEO at CallRevu, brings more than 25 years of global software and technology experience, previously serving as CEO for Enprecis Group.

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CallRevu Monetizes Digital Marketing with AI Technology

CallVision DNI enables Dealers to take the wheel of their digital commerce future.

CallRevu and DealerSocket CRM forge Strategic Partnership

Click2Call feature now integrates with DealerSocket CRM

CallRevu’s Trusted Dealer Caller Solution Ensures Customers Pick Up

Technology Verifies that Calls are NOT Robocallers or Spammers

CallRevu Makes Call Monitoring Platform Accessible to All

ADA Compliant Tools & Content Supports Inclusivity at Automotive Retailers

CallRevu is selected by Sonic Automotive for Call Monitoring, Analytics and Alerts

Deeper, richer insights with the Automotive Industry leader in Communication Intelligence.

CallRevu is selected as Call Tracking Plus-Up Partner for GM iMR Program

More choice, more value, more impact

CallRevu and DriveCentric forge Strategic Partnership

Unity is Power and Together We Deliver More – More Data, More Insights, More Value

CallRevu Goes Live with Integration for GoTo Connect’s Cloud Phone Service

Deeper, richer insights with a rising player that is 100% VoIP and ROI driven.

CallRevu Acquires CallSource’s Automotive Division

As a combined company, we are excited about the innovative and market-leading solutions we are creating together for the...

Accelerating Change in the Automotive Industry

Dealers that are actively listening and using innovative communication intelligence technology are hearing that auto buyers don’t...

CallRevu Innovation - From Humble Beginnings to a Proud Future

CallRevu is proud of its heritage. We continue to focus on helping the automotive industry optimize marketing spend and increase...

Don't Wait for a Crisis to Innovate

Leaders recognize that even with a vaccine on the horizon, we won’t be going back to the way things were before COVID-19, not for...

CallRevu Offers Opportunity to Boost New-Car Sales In A Remote Market

As a dealer, you have an opportunity to take advantage of the expanded interest in the new-car market. But, how can you go beyond...

Focus is the Way Forward

With this in mind, CallRevu has embraced a simple approach - FOCUS, on the automotive industry to move us forward. We invite you...

Listen, Learn, Lead

We constantly listen with our advanced technology to customer interactions so we can learn what the key predictors are of...

Better Communications = Better Commerce

Unifying your communications is the key to unlocking powerful conversation analytics. Dealers who combine ­intelligent contact...

Delivering More Value to Drive More Sales

Our rich heritage of automotive experts and our sole focus on the automotive industry enables us to achieve unparalleled accuracy...

A Message from Our CEO | COVID-19

This means CallRevu has gone virtual, embracing social distancing and working remotely, while making it seamless for all...

How CallRevu Pairs AI with Human Agents to Help you Sell More Cars

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has earned a place in every industry. The most well-known is the technology industry where companies...

The Power of Artificial Intelligence is About Augmenting NOT Replacing

AI’s strength is finding patterns in what and how staff talks to customers then harnessing what works so insights can be...

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