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Accelerating Change in the Automotive Industry

December 29, 2020
Active ‘Listening’ is the Answer to Earning and Retaining Customers

by Anthony Giagnacovo, CallRevu CEO

Even before the disruption brought on by COVID-19, the automotive industry was already encountering numerous changes including the onset of electric mobility, driverless cars, and ride sharing. But, the COVID-19 crisis has introduced another set of challenges, such as managing a remote workforce, remote customers, contactless transactions, slumping sales, and massive layoffs.  

These combined challenges make it difficult to anticipate a positive future. Many are asking, what will the next normal look like?

Well, it will be full of opportunities. The notion of quietly resuming the practices of the past has quickly faded away.  The future will focus on new ways of communicating, and commerce will require new models, innovative tools, and fresh processes to succeed.

How will businesses succeed in the next normal?

The best advice you can heed to succeed in the next normal is very simple…LISTEN.  Every call is an opportunity to learn more about your customer’s wants and needs; all you have to do is listen. Consumers are no longer strangers to online research and shopping. ​ Even after automotive dealerships were temporarily shut down at the beginning of COVID-19, and unemployment was at its highest, people were still looking to buy. According to Google data, the search for car sales has grown globally by over 60% year over year, and searches for best car under have grown globally by over 80% year over year [1].​​

Dealers that are actively listening and using innovative communication intelligence technology are hearing that auto buyers don’t want to go into the dealership. This information has been gleaned from data produced by communication intelligence technology, which is helping dealers uncover changings trends.

CallRevu’s Communication Intelligence (CI) technology helps you maximize the art of listening by ensuring proper routing of telephone calls to the right individual, along with deciphering the tone and intention of the call. Our CI platform produces rich and timely insights allowing dealerships to turn calls into cash [sales]. 

While you may have heard of CallRevu, you may not know how we have grown as an organization. We are continuously innovating to create new features, capabilities, and approaches to assist dealers in active listening to convert insights and learning into real action.

CallRevu focuses solely on automotive dealerships and has 12+ years of experience digitizing and analyzing conversations to create action alerts for dealers. We’ve harnessed the richest lexicon of automotive terms, enabling us to pinpoint the details for action.  We enable dealers to measure every call on every line, both incoming and outgoing, to understand and interpret the tone and sentiment of callers and produce a summary of the conversation to identify where the opportunities lie. The goal? To provide an improved customer experience and journey for an effective [sales] close, by delivering actionable results through Alerts and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We also pinpoint training opportunities to help your team optimize every customer interaction for better outcomes.

Remember, when you need to improve your customer outcomes, call on CallRevu to help you CONNECTCOMMUNICATE and CLOSE.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you RECOVER, INNOVATE and THRIVE in the next normal.

[1] Google Data, Global English, June 3, 2020–Aug. 1, 2020 vs. June 3, 2019 –Aug. 1, 2019.

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