3 Ways to Crush It in the Spanish-Speaking Auto Market

August 9, 2016

There are more than 50 million Spanish-speakers living in America.


Because of the rising market, Honda is taking advantage of this growing population, and is marketing towards Hispanic consumers in this new commercial for the 2017 Ridgeline.

The number of Spanish-speakers has grown 233% since 1980, when there were only 11 million, with estimates to double again by 2050. According to US News, the US now has more Spanish-speakers than Spain, leaving only Mexico ahead for the running.

Train, hire, and track to make sure your team stays on top of the rising Hispanic market.


There are different challenges that arise with the increase in hispanic buyers; for instance, bringing entire families into a showroom to negotiate. Educational training is key for salespeople to conquer the growing market. Figuring out which language to speak to your customers may be tricky as the demographic changes.


Having bilingual sales managers gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to communicating with the customer face to face or over the phone. Many Hispanics speak only Spanish, while many may speak both English and Spanish, but prefer to speak Spanish.

But…. having the right people and training the right people is not all that needs to happen...are those calls being monitored as well as your English calls?


What if you miss a key opportunity to get or keep a customer, all because your Spanish calls aren’t being listened to and alerted on in real-time? Transcribing and summarizing these calls will save your sales managers the time of having to listen to these call recordings from beginning to end, and giving you the opportunity to sell more cars.

Having your Spanish-language calls transcribed is key to making sure you are not missing out on opportunities. Our Spanish team is tasked with translation from Spanish verbiage to English text, while keeping the nuance of the call.

Learn more about how you can get your Spanish language calls transcribed by clicking the link below!

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