VIN Solutions Automotive CRM Data Integration for CallRevu

September 2, 2014

CallRevu has moved to the next level of automotive CRM entry with VIN Solutions accomplishing what isVIN Solutions Automotive CRM Data Integration for CallRevu not possible without call monitoring and transcription. The CRM Data Integration for CallRevu allows CallRevu transcribed calls to be inserted into the dealer’s CRM using the same process and business logic employed by the dealer’s employees.

With access to over 300 million households along with a massive database of mobile phone numbers, the CRM Data Integration also enhances the data collected by the transcription process, allowing even more robust data to be present within the CRM.


More Robust Phone Call Data in CRM

CallRevu will only enter “sales” calls into VIN Solutions. Each CallRevu transcribed call (event in the automotive CRM) includes the following data:

  • Call Date/Time
  • Representative that Handled the Call
  • Destination
  • Department
  • Campaign
  • Vehicle of Interest (optional)
  • Trade Vehicle (optional)
  • Link to Call Recording
  • Call Summary (3 – 5 sentence summary of the entire call)
  • Customer Name as stated by the customer
  • Customer Address (if possible)
  • Additional Contact Information (phone numbers, email addresses)


Requirements to use the CallRevu Data Integration:

In order to facilitate the integration, a VIN Solutions Manager Level login is necessary, along with the ability to login from outside of the dealership’s location (in other words, not IP restricted).

CallRevu Data Integration Process:

1.  Upon transcription of the call, CallRevu’s Integration Service searches the automotive CRM for an existing customer record. If the caller already exists within the CRM, that customer will be utilized. If the caller does not exist, a new customer record will be created. 

2.  For the selected customer record,the CallRevu Integration Service will evaluate an existing leads for that customer. If there are no Active Leads,a new Lead will be created. 

a.  If an existing Active Lead exists and it is less than 30 days old, the call details will be added to this Lead. 

b.  If an existing Active Lead exists and it is more than 30 days old, a new Lead will be created. 

3.  CallRevu’s Integration Service will add the call details to the Lead. 


To make the most of every call to your dealership, Contact CallRevu about CRM Data Integration today. Learn more about CallRevu CRM Data Integration Services or download this white paper to understand how auto dealers reap the benefits > 

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